The Top Six Storylines Heading Into Foot Locker Regionals

* Drew Griffith, one of the leading contenders for Foot Locker Northeast and Nationals.

Photo Credit: Mae Kellert/ MileSplit

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Approaching its 44th installment, the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships are now a little over two weeks away.

But first up are the Foot Locker Regionals, four in all. 

These larger Foot Locker regions mean more runners and faster competition for all entries. This weekend, three of the four regional meets will take place.

Today, MileSplit breaks down the top six storylines going into the Northeast, South and Midwest Championships on Saturday in Massachusetts, North Carolina and Wisconsin. 

Who will punch their ticket to sunny San Diego?

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Foot Locker Northeast Regional, Boston (MA)

Foot Locker South Regional, Charlotte (NC)

Foot Locker Midwest Regional, Kenosha (WI)