Liv & Learn: Four-Time Paralympian Guide Runner Jerome Avery

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Kicking off 2023, MileSplit released its newest podcast Liv & Learn featuring Olivia Ekpone. 

This podcast was created with you in mind, the MileSplit fans. 

What questions do you have when it comes to track and field? Who do you want to learn from?

For each episode, Ekpone will have a guest who is involved in the track and field community. You will be able to submit questions ahead of time via through MileSplit's Instagram stories or you can email them to Your question may be answered on the show with the special guest of the week. 

This week, Ekpone sat with four-time Paralympian and three-time Paralympiac medalist guide runner Jerome Avery.

During this episode, Avery shared his story on how he became a guide runner after missing the US Olympic team. He shares how athletes can be involved and what it takes to be an elite guide runner for team USA. 

Podcast Segments:

  • 1:56 - Interview with Jerome Avery
  • 2:22 - Avery answers your questions
  • 31:40 - Liv's Thought For The Week: Stay In Your Own Lane