Shawnti Jackson: Legacy

Today MileSplit releases its latest film, 'Shawnti Jackson: Legacy,' which highlights the special relationship between an Olympian father and an emerging daughter, on the cusp of reaching incredible heights in her own career.

Growing up, Shawnti Jackson was coached by her father Bershawn 'Batman' Jackson when she was 10-years-old. Bershawn retired from track and field as an Olympic bronze medalist in the 400mH and earned Diamond League trophies to his collection. 

He used his knowledge and experience with track and field to develop one of the fastest girls in high school history, his daughter. 

Now as Jackson enters her senior season at Raleigh Wakefield (NC) High School, she is starting to create her own legacy. 



  • Producer: Olivia Ekpone
  • DP/Photography: Bryan Deibel
  • Lead Editing: Sherng-Lee Huang
  • Director/Video Production: Cliff Bogart
  • Additional Support: Joe Battaglia, Cory Mull and Efren Salinas
  • Site Locations: Raleigh, North Carolina; Wakefield High School, North Carolina A&T University

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