Which Outdoor National Records Still Seem Unbreakable?


Screenshot Credit: LetsRun

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Alan Webb, South Lakes (VA)

May 27, 2001

We've seen more boys than ever before dip under the four minute barrier in a single outdoor season.

But does that mean someone will surpass Webb's record anytime soon? Not necessarily.

Colin Sahlman came somewhat close with his 3:56.24 performance at the Prefontaine Classic in May, but that still puts him nearly three seconds behind Webb's record.

Five boys went under four minutes for the mile during the outdoor season, but dropping three or more seconds to go under the 3:53.43 record is a substantial task.

When asked in a recent interview with MileSplit about whether we will one day see his record surpassed, Webb acknowledged it could be done, but it may take all the right puzzle pieces to fall into place for an athlete to make it happen.

"I think it's possible, for sure," he said. "That being said, you could have rocket boosters on your feet, I was still pretty fast. I don't know how I did it, to be honest."