Next Up In The Pole Vault? John Scott Kendricks Has Arrived.

* John Scott Kendricks cleared 16-10 at adidas Outdoor Nationals on Sunday

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Sunday was a busy day for John Scott Kendricks at adidas Outdoor Nationals.

After a 10-hour drive from Mississippi to North Carolina and a total of 22 runway runs, Kendricks won a national title in the pole vault on Father's Day in his first-ever national championship. He cleared 16 feet, 9.5 inches. 

The win was significant, for a lot of reasons. 

Firstly, this was his first opportunity to compete outside Mississippi, where he had dominated in the event by nearly three feet. 

But mainly, Kendricks, the brother of the 2016 Olympic bronze medalist Sam Kendricks, was struggling to find a rhythm at the beginning of his series. 

"At the time when I was making these jumps, I wasn't focusing on the fact that I was making them," Kendricks said. "I was happy that I made them."

Let's fast track to the final height.

The bar was set at 5.12 meters (16-9.50); Kendricks already had a miss under his belt.

He decided to switch poles. That decision ultimately was the winning-move, as he was able to clear the bar and set a new personal best by two inches.

Reflecting afterward, Kendricks thanked his father.

"More than Sam, my dad over there, he's the best coach in the nation," he said. "He's been to every competition, every practice. He's never missed a day. He's always been there and always has been there to support me." 

"Sam's coach. My coach," he added. "More than anything, [my father] is [who] got me here. Sam gives some good tips, but he gets the tips from my dad." 

Next up? Scott is already thinking about his opportunities at 17-feet. Kendricks says he cannot wait to soar to that height and tie the Mississippi state record -- his brother's best in high school. 

"I really wanted it this year," Kendricks said. "I always try to stay ahead of Sam. It's been my trend." 

* John Scott Kendricks reflects on the pole vault competition at adidas Outdoor Nationals

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Boys Pole Vault Championship
    National: # 19-10.25  2018        Mondo Duplantis, Lafayette, LA           
      Senior: $ 19-10.25  2018        Mondo Duplantis, Lafayette, LA           
      Junior: J 19-04.25  2017        Mondo Duplantis, Lafayette, LA           
   Sophomore: S    18-01  2016        Mondo Duplantis, Lafayette, LA           
    Freshman: F 17-04.50  2015        Mondo Duplantis, Lafayette, LA           
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
  1 Kendricks, John Scott        Oxford, MS               5.12m  
  2 Rogow, Alon                  Dunwoody, GA             5.07m  
  3 Pate, Collin                 Hoover, AL               4.87m  
  4 Horn, Jonathan               Burlington, NC          J4.87m  
  5 Cosby, Landon                Charlotte, MI            4.72m  
  6 Ellis, Carter                Hoover, AL              J4.72m  
  7 Gray, Matthew                Bryson City, NC         J4.72m  
  8 Horton, Gavin                Alabaster, AL           J4.72m