Track-ish, Episode 5: State Culture, All-Timers And More

On this week's episode of Track-ish, Josh and Aaron Potts relive the week that was, chat about state championship culture and dive into their routine segment, What are the Pottsabilities. 

Podcast segments:

  • State championship culture [1:20]
  • These HSers had big-time races recently [3:00]
  • Gary Martin made history, and more on how it did it, and why it mattered [6:00]
  • Rodrick Pleasant is breaking through in CA [10:25]
  • Micayah Holland and more from Florida [12:30]
  • Will Sumner is doing big things [13:40]
  • Summer Creek pocketed a state title [15:30]
  • What are the Pottsabilities
  •     Shawnti Jackson at state [19:10]
  •     Oregon state championship thoughts [21:30]
  •     Frias vs. Engelhardt, Round 3 [23:30]
  •     Will we see the girls 800m national record? [26:10]
  •     Better yet, will the boys 800m national record go down? 

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