Footlocker South Regional: US#3 Chelsey Sveinsson and US#15 Craig Lutz Prevail



Foot Locker South Championships

11/28/09 at McAlpine Greenway Park, Charlotte, N.C.
Watch live video from the meet, by Bob Cooke (starts at 8 a.m.)



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Footlocker National Qualifiers: Hurysz, Williams, & Frazier By Ben Hovis

Foot Locker South: Redemption for Kvartunas & Dowd with 9th place finishes By Brandon Miles

Emma Brink 17:40 13th overall at Foot Locker South; Eden top KY Boy 15:18 By Jonathan Grooms


Official Foot Locker Media Press Release: Chelsey Sveinsson of Dallas, Texas, and Craig Lutz of Highland Village, Texas, won the Foot Locker Cross Country Championships (FLCCC) South Regional today.  In the girls’ race, Sveinsson, a junior from GreenhillHigh School, Kathryn Fluehr from Naples, Fla., and Rachel Johnson from Plano, Texas, ran a tight race until Sveinsson took a 100-meter lead late in the race to secure the win in 16:53.  Sveinsson qualifies for the National Finals for the third consecutive year, with her second South Regional title. In the boys’ race, Lutz, a junior at MarcusHigh School, took charge early on and maintained his lead throughout the entire race, finishing in 14:34. Kirubel Erassa from Grayson, Ga., and Jake Hurysz from Mebane, N.C., followed to claim second and third place respectively. (Official Foot Locker Press Release; Kenny Fried)

Craig Lutz TX 14:34
Chelsea Sveinsson TX 16:50


Boys Top Ten Individuals RESULTS
Girls Top Ten Individuals RESULTS
1. Craig Lutz (TX) 14:34 1. Chelsey Sveinsson (TX) 16:50
2. Kirabel Erassa (GA) 14:43 2. Kathryn Fluehr (FL) 17:09
3. Jake Hurysz (NC) 14:46 3. Rachel Johnson (TX) 17:10
4. Matt Mizereck (FL) 14:51 4. Megan Ferowich (TN) 17:12
5. Brandon Lord (TN) 14:51 5. Shelby Hayes (FL) 17:12
6. Blake Williams (NC) 14:52 6. Wendy Frazier (NC) 17:17
7. Parker Stinson (TX) 14:53 7. Amanda Russell (TX) 17:19
8. Colin Barker (FL) 14:53 8. Erica Fluehr (FL) 17:20
9. Kevin Dowd (VA) 14:54 9. Paige Kvartunas (VA) 17:22
10. Brian Atkinson (FL) 14:57 10. Grace Tinkey (GA) 17:24


Milesplit Footlocker South Winners Table

Girls Frosh Race Hanna Lowery, VA 18:30
Boys Frosh Race Jacob Thomson, KY 16:11
Girls Seeded
Chelsey Sveinsson, TX 16:50
Boys Seeded
Craig Lutz, TX 14:34
Girls Sophomore Anne-Marie Blaney, FL 18:31
Boys Sophomore James Brown, KY 15:52
Girls Junior Anna Spiers, VA 18:31
Boys Junior Jose Estevez, FL 16:00
Girls Senior Lanie Smith, VA 18:56
Boys Senior Kyle Jacobs, VA 15:43
Girls Open Janel Blancett, GA 16:47
Boys Open Joseph Maina, KY 14:33




Runners to Watch by State
Courtesy of Max Mayo
Alabama:  Rachel Roberts, Nathan Lewis, Nick Lewis, and Carmen Carlos
Arkansas:  Austin Simkins
Florida:  Boys:  Matt Mizereck                                       Girls:  Kathryn Fluehr
                              Armando Del Valle                                          Erica Fluehr
                              Erick Montoya                                                 Shelby Hayes
                              Brian Atkinson                                                 Stephanie Schappert
                              Jimmy Clark                                                    Jana Stolting
Georgia:  Anna Bowles, Sydney Marshall, Meghan Wetterhall, Alec Clifford, Kirubel Erassa, and Charlie Sparks
Kentucky:  Emma Brink and Ryan Eaton
Louisana:  Malia Cali
Mississippi:  Max Holman
North Carolina:  Partrick Crawford, Ben Sterett, Jake Huryse, Blake Williams, and Thomas Graham
South Carolina:  Sinead Haughey, Sara Maniesotis, Alexa Neiling, Aaron Ramirez, Jack Maniesotis, Jack Felix, Joe Keitt, and Mark Blackmon
Tennessee:  Hannah Jumper, Johanna Thompson, Molly Foster, Brandon Lord, Spencer Frantom, and Megan Ferowich
Texas:  Girls: Foot Locker Nationals top-4 finisher Chelsea Sveinsson, 2008 Foot Locker Finalist Amanda Russell, Rachel Johnson, and Kim Kirby
                Boys: Craig Lutz, Connor Adams, Donovan Torres, Neal Smith and Jacob Benn
Virginia:  Kaitlyn Davis, Katherine Walker, Kevin Dowd, Chris Foley, Drew Paisley, Andrew McCullen, and Grant Pollock

West Virginia:  Alex Dent, Chelsea Clark, Brandon Doughty, and Cody Pelliccioni