Tasty Race: Battle Mountain Wins A Wild SMR At Mullen Invite

What truly defines a 'Tasty Race of the Week?' 

Maybe that can be defined in a lot of different ways.

But the way we view it? We certainly love a good last-to-first story. But that doesn't happen every week.

So how about a-sorta-back-there-runner-who-makes-up-a-ton-of-ground-in-one-fell-swoop-and-somehow-manages-to-cross-the-line-in-first? 

Yep, we got that. 

And no one race defined that characteristic more this weekend than the girls Sprint Medley Relay on Saturday at the Mullen Invitational. 

Battle Mountain started off, found itself in a sizable hole, and then, somehow, found its way to the finish line in first, by a mere lean, defeating Air Academy by a thousandth of a second. 

In truth, even the timing company had to go to the tape. 

The final times? 

Battle Mountain: 1:54.80

Air Academy: 1:54.80. 

That's why we have FAT cameras. But in absence of those, it also felt like Battle Mountain had earned it, closing on a 10-meter gap with less than 30 meters to go. 

In the end, it was a gutsy win. And a memorable one. 

And this week's Tasty Race of the Week. 

A big shout out goes out to the Battle Mountain girls this week. You earned it. 

Girls 800 Meter Sprint Medley Relay  
      NAME                          YR   TEAM                               MARK           H#    WIND
1                                        Battle Mountain High School        1:54.80        2     
2                                        Air Academy High School            1:54.80        2     
3                                        Discovery Canyon High School       1:55.55        2     
4                                        Mullen High School                 1:56.12        2     
5                                        Pine Creek High School             1:56.13        2     
6                                        Smoky Hill High School             2:00.78        1     
7                                        Niwot High School                  2:05.01        2     
8                                        Lutheran High School               2:05.91        2