Meet Of The Week: Your New Balance Nationals Info Hub

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -- It's finally national championship time. 

On Friday and spanning through Saturday and Sunday inside the Armory Track at New Balance Nationals Indoor, the action begins, with thousands of athletes from across the U.S. looking to win elusive titles and bring hardware back to their states and regions. 

MileSplit is on-site covering all the events and will bring stories, interviews, features and more. 

It's going to be as good as advertised. 

Check below for all the pre-meet content on our site, along with a schedule of events. Check back on for more information and content as the meet progresses. 


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216 Fort Washington Avenue, New York NY 10032


All schedule times per New Balance Nationals Indoor's site information --



9:30 AMBoysRising Stars2 Mile RunFinal on Time
10:09 AMGirlsRising Stars2 Mile RunFinal on Time
11:01 AMBoysChampionship400m DashPrelims
11:31 AMGirlsChampionship400m DashPrelims
11:58 AMBoysRising Stars400m DashPrelims
12:22 PMGirlsRising Stars400m DashPrelims
12:55 PMBoysFreshman400m DashFinal
1:07 PMGirlsFreshman400m DashFinal
1:16 PMBoysFreshman1 Mile RunFinal on Time
1:37 PMGirlsFreshman1 Mile RunFinal on Time
1:51 PMBoysChampionship2 Mile RunFinal on Time
2:56 PMBoysChampionship4x200m RelayPrelims
3:32 PMGirlsChampionship4x200m RelayPrelims
3:56 PMGirlsChampionship2 Mile RunFinal on Time
5:01 PMBoysRising Stars4x200m RelayFinal on Time
5:21 PMGirlsRising Stars4x200m RelayFinal on Time
5:53 PMBoysRising Stars1 Mile RunFinal on Time
6:14 PMGirlsRising Stars1 Mile RunFinal on Time
6:28 PMBoysChampionshipSMR (2-2-4-8)Final on Time
7:04 PMGirlsChampionshipSMR (2-2-4-8)Final on Time
7:22 PMBoysChampionshipDMR (12-4-8-16)Final on Time
7:52 PMGirlsChampionshipDMR (12-4-8-16)Final on Time
8:22 PMBoysRising StarsSMR (2-2-4-8)Final on Time
8:52 PMGirlsRising StarsSMR (2-2-4-8)Final on Time
9:16 PMBoysRising StarsDMR (12-4-8-16)Final on Time


1:30 PMGirlsRising StarsWeight ThrowFinals
2:00 PMGirlsRising StarsHigh Jump (Pit 1)Finals
2:00 PMGirlsRising StarsHigh Jump (Pit 2)Finals
3:00 PMGirlsRising StarsPole VaultFinals
4:30 PMGirlsChampionshipWeight ThrowFinals


8:30 AMBoysRising Stars60m HurdlesSemi (8 to final)
8:39 AMGirlsRising Stars60m HurdlesPrelims (24 to Semi)
9:00 AMGirlsChampionship60m HurdlesPentathlon
9:09 AMBoysChampionship60m HurdlesPentathlon
9:18 AMBoysChampionship60m HurdlesPrelims
9:33 AMGirlsChampionship60m HurdlesPrelims
9:48 AMBoysFreshman60m DashSemi (8 to final)
9:53 AMGirlsFreshman60m DashSemi (8 to final)
9:58 AMBoysChampionship60m DashPrelims
10:15 AMGirlsChampionship60m DashPrelims
10:30 AMBoysRising Stars60m DashPrelims
10:43 AMGirlsRising Stars60m DashPrelims
11:08 AMGirlsChampionship4x55 Shuttle HurdlesFinals
11:24 AMBoysChampionship4x55 Shuttle HurdlesFinals
11:40 AMBoysFreshman60m DashFinals
11:45 AMGirlsFreshman60m DashFinals
11:50 AMBoysRising Stars200m DashPrelims
12:14 PMGirlsRising Stars200m DashPrelims
12:53 PMBoysFreshman200m DashPrelims
1:02 PMGirlsFreshman200m DashPrelims
1:11 PMBoysChampionship200m DashPrelims
1:47 PMGirlsChampionship200m DashPrelims
2:20 PMBoysChampionship1000m RunPentathlon
2:25 PMGirlsChampionship800mPentathlon
2:30 PMBoysChampionship5000m RunFinal on Time
2:50 PMGirlsChampionship5000m RunFinal on Time
3:30 PMBoysFreshman200m DashFinal
3:38 PMGirlsFreshman200m DashFinal

3:57 PMBoysChampionship400m DashFinal
4:05 PMGirlsChampionship400m DashFinal
4:13 PMBoysChampionship4xMile RelayFinal on Time
5:13 PMGirlsChampionship4xMile RelayFinal on Time
6:13 PMBoysRising Stars400m DashFinal
6:45 PMGirlsRising Stars400m DashFinal
6:53 PMBoysChampionship4x200m RelayFinal
7:01 PMGirlsChampionship4x200m RelayFinal
7:09 PMBoysRising Stars4x800m RelayFinal on Time
7:31 PMGirlsRising Stars4x800m RelayFinal on Time


12:30 PMGirlsChampionship PentHigh JumpPentathlon
12:30 PMBoysChampionship PentHigh JumpPentathlon
4:00 PMBoysChampionshipHigh JumpFinals
4:00 PMGirlsChampionshipHigh JumpFinals
Pit 1 (Outside)
9:35 AMGirlsChampionship PentLong JumpPentathlon
11:00 AMGirlsRising StarsTriple JumpFinals
5:00 PMGirlsRising StarsLong JumpFinals
Pit Two (Inside)
9:50 AMBoysChampionship PentLong JumpPentathlon
11:00 AMBoysChampionshipTriple JumpFinals
2:00 PMGirlsChampionshipTriple JumpFinals
5:00 PMBoysRising StarsLong JumpFinals
9:00 AMBoysRising StarsPole VaultFinals
1:00 PMBoysChampionshipPole VaultFinals
9:45 AMBoysRising StarsShot PutFinals
11:15 AMGirlsChampionship PentShot PutPentathlon (Circle 2)
11:15 AMBoysChampionship PentShot PutPentathlon (Circle 1)
12:30 PMBoysChampionshipWeight ThrowFinals
4:00 PMGirlsChampionshipShot PutFinals
6:45 PMGirlsRising StarsShot PutFinals


8:00 AMGirlsRising Stars1 Mile RacewalkFinal on Time
8:10 AMGirlsChampionship1 Mile RacewalkFinal on Time
8:20 AMBoysChampionship1 Mile RacewalkFinal on Time
8:30 AMBoysRising Stars800m RunFinal on Time
8:39 AMGirlsRising Stars800m RunFinal on Time
8:51 AMBoysRising Stars60m DashSemis
9:00 AMGirlsRising Stars60m DashSemis
9:09 AMBoysRising Stars60m HurdlesFinal
9:13 AMGirlsRising Stars60m HurdlesSemis
9:25 AMBoysChampionship800m RunFinal on Time
9:45 AMGirlsChampionship800m RunFinal on Time
10:01 AMBoysRising Stars200m DashFinal
10:07 AMGirlsRising Stars200m DashFinal
10:13 AMBoysChampionship60m DashSemis
10:22 AMGirlsChampionship60m DashSemis
10:31 AMBoysChampionship (first 4 heats)1 Mile RunFinal on Time
10:59 AMGirlsChampionship (first 4 heats)1 Mile RunFinal on Time
11:27 AMGirlsRising Stars60m HurdlesFinal
11:27 AMBoysChampionship60m HurdlesSemis
11:39 AMGirlsChampionship60m HurdlesSemis
11:51 AMBoysRising Stars60m DashFinals
11:55 AMGirlsRising Stars60m DashFinals
11:59 AMBoysChampionship200m DashFinal
12:05 PMGirlsChampionship200m DashFinal
12:11 PMBoysChampionship (Final 2 heats)1 Mile RunFinal on Time
12:27 PMGirlsChampionship (Final 2 heats)1 Mile RunFinal on Time
12:43 PMBoysChampionship60m HurdlesFinals
12:47 PMGirlsChampionship60m HurdlesFinals
12:51 PMBoysChampionship60M DashFinals
12:55 PMGirlsChampionship60M DashFinals
12:59 PMBoysFreshman800m RunFinal on Time
1:07 PMGirlsFreshman800m RunFinal on Time
1:11 PMBoysRising Stars4x400m RelayFinal on Time
1:35 PMGirlsRising Stars4x400m RelayFinal on Time
2:05 PMBoysChampionship4x800m RelayFinal on Time
2:38 PMGirlsChampionship4x800m RelayFinal on Time
3:14 PMBoysChampionship4x400m RelayFinal on Time
3:50 PMGirlsChampionship4x400m RelayFinal on Time


10:30 AMBoysRising StarsWeight ThrowFinals
10:00 AMBoysChampionshipLong JumpFinals
10:00 AMGirlsChampionshipPole VaultFinals
12:00 PMGirlsChampionshipLong JumpFinals
12:00 PMBoysChampionshipShot PutFinals