On The Line: Will Sumner On Family History And Natl. Records

- - -

On the latest episode of On the Line, Olivia and Cory sat down with Georgia signee, Will Sumner, to discuss his back-to-back national records.

Interview Segments:

  • Was his plan to break national records back-to-back like how he did? (0:32)
  • His race strategy for the 600m (1:16)
  • How much was left in the tank after the 600m (2:20)
  • How he filled out his race calendar for the season (2:48)
  • What prepares him to close and take it into the next gear (4:21)
  • What made the difference between 2021 and 2022 (5:30)
  • Is he going for the 800m national record? (6:48)
  • Who is major influencers are (7:43)
  • His family pedigree (8:53)
  • His family's favorite track memory (9:53)
  • What other hobbies and sports does Sumner compete in (10:10)
  • His advice for athletes who are working hard and are wanting to do big things (11:07)
  • The most rewarding national record for him (11:45)

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