Tasty Race of the Week: This 800m Walk Down

There's nothing like an old-fashioned walk down. 

And that's exactly what happened on Saturday in the final moments of the boys 800m at the Texas Tech Under Armour Classic in Lubbock, Texas. 

The action began at 450 meters. That's when Lewisville Marcus' Jonathan Heath made the first move. By 600m, he extended it by 20 meters. 

But lurking in the slip stream was Royse City's Chasetin Winston. The Texan held, and held, and then held some more. Then at 700m he started to chew away at Heath's margin. 

By the end of the curve, with just 50 meters left, he swallowed it whole and made the pass, cruising into the finish line by mere hundredths of a second over Heath.

Boys 800m Results

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