For The Record: Nate Jaster Is The Top Returner At RXC2

Our latest For The Record interview comes just days before the Garmin RunningLane Cross Country Championships, which will reveal the top team in America on Saturday, Dec. 4, in Huntsville, Alabama. American Fork's Nate Jaster sat down with Cory Mull to discuss his fantastic performance last year, his season, and his ambitions as he finishes out the last cross country race of his high school career. 

Interview Segments: 

  • Welcoming Nate Jaster to the show [0:15]
  • Describing last year's big result at RunningLane [1:00]
  • The effect of coming down to sea level [2:00]
  • Facing in-state talent like Farmington [3:00]
  • Jaster talks about tough XC courses [4:15]
  • Nate talks about a really great XC moment this season [5:30]
  • Nate talks his big state performance [6:30]
  • On building up and believing in himself [8:00]
  • Jaster talks about RXC2 [9:00]
  • American Fork's MO in big races [10:15]
  • Nate talks sunglasses and why American Fork wears them [12:15]

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