For The Record: Caroline Wells Is Excited For What's To Come

For this episode of For The Record, Caroline Wells of Winter Springs (FL) sits down with Olivia and reflects on her junior season. Last year, she experienced a breakthrough year on the cross country course and on the track. Wells plans on caring that momentum into her senior season. Wells shares what 2021 has taught her and what she's looking forward to accomplishing in her final lap. 

Interview Segments:

  • Reflecting on her junior cross country season (0:45)
  • Talking about being undefeated in the state of Florida (1:25)
  • Thoughts on winning the individual and team state title (2:07)
  • How Winter Springs is looking this season (2:52)
  • Individual and team goals for cross country (3:37)
  • Time goals Well's is striving for (4:28)
  • Growth as an athlete (5:07)
  • Her experience at the AAU Cross Country National Championships (6:38)
  • What Wells learned about herself last season (7:42)
  • The highlight her outdoor season (8:22)
  • 4x800m at states (9:12)
  • 10:08 at RunningLane Track Championships (10:22)
  • Confidence level entering this outdoor season (11:25)
  • Outdoor season goals (11:42)
  • How has cross country impacted her career (12:10)
  • What her summer looked like (12:50)
  • Tips for recruiting (13:44)
  • Her top schools (14:50)