For The Record: Kole Mathison Is On A Mission This Fall

On the latest episode of For The Record, Cory chats with Carmel (IN) junior Kole Mathison, a third-place finisher at the Indiana State Cross Country Championships in 2020, about his upcoming fall, the value of racing at a big level and what he learned from a successful sophomore season. 

Interview Segments: 

  • Welcoming Kole Mathison to the show [0:30]
  • On the value of racing, and what matters to Kole [2:20]
  • The experience of a nationally-competitive race last fall [4:10]
  • The athletes Kole looked forward to racing in 2020 [5:45]
  • Being a part of a big high school team and as a No. 1 scorer [8:10]
  • Unique experience running at Carmel [9:50]
  • Building on his XC foundation heading into the fall [11:00]
  • On where the training will lead him in 2021 [13:30]
  • Biggest successes over outdoor [15:00]
  • Kole's thoughts on the Olympics [16:50]
  • On meeting Joe Klecker and Emma Coburn [20:00]
  • On where the sport is going [21:00]
  • Kole Mathison on his junior XC season goals [22:30]

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