For The Record: Nathan Green Hates You On That Last Lap

"I have no hatred for anyone on the track. I love you guys. But as soon as we get there and I'm in the last lap, I hate you with everything in my being. That's the way it's always been." - Nathan Green

Banner Photo Credit: Submitted

Cory sat down recently with Borah (ID) High School graduate Nathan Green, who earlier in July won two national titles in the mile at Brooks PR and The Outdoor Nationals ... on back-to-back days. More than that, though, Green goes into his incredible season, and what he thinks about when he's on the track. 

Interview Segments: 

  • Nathan on Brooks PR [0:50]
  • On the disconnect with losing a pace during a race [3:00]
  • On his instinct for closing a race [4:30]
  • Nathan talks about his race face [6:20]
  • Dealing with expectations and worrying about whether he would succeed [7:30]
  • Favorite moment from the spring [11:00]
  • On his hopes as he moves forward to Washington [15:15]

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