Athletes Take The Streets At The adidas Boston Boost Games

* Sophie Atkinson, Ethan Strand, Jasmine Montgomery and Jordan Anthony were crowned champions this weekend at the adidas Boost Boston Games

- - - 

Thirty high school athletes were able to hit the streets in Boston, Massachusetts, this weekend to compete at the adidas Boost Boston Games in either the 100m or mile. 

This meet is known to host world-class athletes who compete in various distances like the 100m, 150m, 200m, 100mH, 110mH, and 200mH on a man-made street track.

The 600m was an option for the professional athletes to compete in as well.

But elite high school sections always remain a staple of the adidas Boost Boston Games, too, and this time around there were 10 boys and girls who competed in a road mile and five boys and girls competed on a 100m flat track that was built in less than 48 hours on Boylston Street in Copley Square.

They each put on great performances which we broke down below. 

* Sophie Atkinson won the UIL 6A District 19-20 Area Meet in the 1,600m

- - - 

In the girls mile, US No. 2 Sophie Atkinson of Katy Cinco Ranch (TX) and US No. 6 Caroline Wells of Winter Springs (FL) started with clear intentions. They both came through the first quarter-mile in 69, while the other eight runners came through in 70. 

At the half-mile mark, Atkinson and Wells were within striking distance of each other as they both had a 2:22 split, while the other athletes started to string out from the leaders.

Atkinson opened her stride and started to add separation and finished the street race in 4:41. Wells came through the finish line five seconds behind Atkinson. Ellie Shea, the freshman from Waltham, Massachusetts, finished strong for third in 4:46. 

1	Sophie Atkinson	12	Unattached - TX	4:41.00		1
2	Caroline Wells	11	Unattached - FL	4:46.00		1
3	Ellie Shea	9	Unattached MA	4:46.00		1
4	Riley Stewart	11	Unattached - CO	4:49.00		1
5	Heidi Nielson	12	Unattached - TX	4:50.00		1
6	Madison Shults	10	Unattached - CO	4:51.00		1
7	Lauren Ping	10	Unattached - AZ	4:51.00		1
8	Katie Sigerud	11	Unattached - CA	4:52.00		1
9	Mia Prok	9	Unattached - CO	4:59.00		1
10	Katelyn Maley		Unattached - CO	5:08.00		1

* Ethan Strand won the 1,600m in a personal best of 4:11.77 at the AHSAA Class 7A State Track and Field Championships

- - -

Six of the top 25 milers in the country lined up for the boys mile, including US No. 2 Rheinhardt Harrison of Nease (FL) and US No. 3 Ethan Strand of Vestavia Hills (AL).  

Landmark Christian School's (GA) Zack Truitt had the fastest quarter-mile split of 63. There was a lot shuffling around in the pack as Harrison came across the half-mile mark in 2:08. 

Strand, Dayton Carlson and Benjamin Shearer started to make a charge for the front and they each finished a second apart from one another. Strand finished in 4:10 to take the victory, Carlson finished second in 4:11 and Shearer was close behind with a 4:12.

1	Ethan Strand	12	Unattached - AL	4:10.00		1
2	Dayton Carlson		Unattached - AZ	4:11.00		1
3	Ben Shearer	12	Unattached - TX	4:12.00		1
4	Rheinhardt Harrison	11	Unattached - FL	4:13.00		1
5	Javier Vento	12	Unattached - FL	4:15.00		1
6	Zack Truitt	12	Unattached - GA	4:16.00		1
7	Marcus Reilly	9	Unattached MA	4:16.00		1
8	Evan Jenkins	11	Unattached - AZ	4:16.00		1
9	Ben Greene	12	Unattached ME	4:16.00		1
10	Cooper Atkins	12	Unattached - AL	4:19.00		1

* Jasmine Montgomery won the UIL 6A State Championships in the 100m

- - -

On Boylston Street, the girls 100m field was completely loaded. 

Shawnti Jackson of Run U Xpress (NC) had the fastest times in the country in the 100m and 400m entering the race. She lined up against Jasmine Montgomery, who was the 6A UIL Track and Field State Champion in the 100m and 200m. 

It was pretty even throughout the race, but Montgomery got the lean at the line ahead of Jackson. Montgomery finished in 11.27 into a -0.7 wind. Jackson clocked an 11.30 and Kennedi Sanders, the MAIS state sprint champion, finished in a new personal best of 11.36. 

Hannah Douglas finished fourth and Kayla Davis, who was battling an injury throughout the year, finished fifth. 

1	Jasmine Montgomery	12	Unattached - TX	11.27		1
2	Shawnti Jackson	10	Run U Xpress	11.30		1
3	Kennedi Sanders	10	Unattached	11.36		1
4	Hannah Douglas	12	Unattached - FL	11.62		1
5	Kayla Davis	11	Run U Xpress	12.03		1

* Jordan Anthony of Tylertown (MS) set the Class 1 State Meet record and Overall Meet record of 10.33 earlier this year

- - - 

Jordan Anthony, the fastest boy in the 100m so far this year with a wind-legal 10.30, faced US No. 5 Gavin Schurr and the indoor national record holder in the 200m, Jaylen Slade of IMG Academy

It was a battle between Anthony, Slade and Schurr as they went stride for stride in the final meters.

Anthony finished with a major dip at the line to just edge out of Schurr. They both ran a 10.45 into a -1.2 wind and Slade finished two-tenths behind with a 10.47. 

Kevar Williams finished fourth in 10.73 and Washington, who looked smooth and strong in the middle of the race, reached for his hamstring a few meters before the finish line. He officially clocked a 10.75 for fifth. 

1	Jordan Anthony	11	Unattached MS	10.45		1
2	Gavin Schurr	12	Unattached - CO	10.45		1
3	Jaylen Slade	11	Unattached - FL	10.47		1
4	Kevar Williams	11	Unattached - FL	10.73		1
5	Connor Washington	12	Unattached - TX	10.75		1