Amanda Kinloch Drops Knowledge On Hurdles, Postseason & More

On the latest For The Record interview, Cory sat down with North Miami's Amanda Kinloch to talk about her ground-breaking season, hitting a nationwide No. 1 time, the upcoming postseason and her thoughts as she looks ahead in her career. 

Interview segments: 

  • Welcoming Amanda Kinloch on For The Record [0:30]
  • Amanda's race plan for her US No. 1 300mH time [1:30]
  • Training for the 300mH [2:30]
  • Goals for the 300mH [3:30]
  • On breaking 60 seconds in the 400mH [4:30]
  • Touching on the 100mH [6:15]
  • On facing competition in the Florida state series [7:00]
  • The last few meets are bittersweet [8:00]
  • Favorite place to compete at over her career [9:00]
  • On running almost every sprint and mid-distance [10:00]
  • On signing with NC A&T and the Aggies being the right fit [12:00]
  • Beyond the Florida state championships [13:50]
  • On why Amanda is a great third leg on the 4x100 [15:00]

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