Abby Steiner On Collegiate Record & Women's History Month


That number -- and those seconds -- has been on the Abby Steiner's vision board since the beginning of fall training. 

Her eyes were set on breaking the NCAA collegiate record of 22.38 seconds for 200 meters, which was last set by Harvard's Gabby Thomas.

And for the last several months, she's spent hours training and competing on the biggest of the NCAA's stages. Recently, the Dublin Coffman (OH) 2018 graduate achieved her sport's highest honor, winning her first individual NCAA title. 

She was just one hundredth of a second off her goal, tying Thomas' NCAA record. 

However, her journey wasn't like most athletes

The University of Kentucky Wildcat begun her collegiate career as a dual-athlete in both soccer and track as a freshman. Looking back, she remembers how challenging it was to find balance. But she made adjustments. 

Ultimately, she had to make a difficult decision.

She knew in the back of her mind that track and field was the best place for her. 

In the years since, she said, she has had zero regrets. Her vision is super clear as she's striving to win another SEC 200m title and become another NCAA champion during the outdoor season.

Steiner will also be at the Olympic trials as she also hopes to add another "first" to her resume: Making her first Olympic team. 

As March honors Women's History Month, Steiner wants other girls to look up to her and know that they too can be able to be dual-athlete at the collegiate level, if they decide to do so. She wants women to raise their voices and use their platforms to make a stance against gender inequality. 

Steiner's Questions:

00:34 -- What were your first initial thoughts when you saw 22.38 on the screen?

01:26-- Were you focused more on the time or the title at the NCAA Championships?

02:26-- Leading up to this year, you were a dual athlete in soccer and in track and field your freshman year. How did this experience shape you into the athlete and the woman you are today?

03:32 -- What were some of the challenges you faced coming off the soccer field and going straight to the indoor track season?

05:00 -- Do you miss playing soccer and participating in both sports?

06:19-- How does it feel to pave the way for future generations to be able to do multiple sports at the collegiate level?

07:48-- As you begin to shift to the outdoor season, what are some of the goals that you're looking to achieve for the rest of the season?

09:20 -- Are we going to see you at the Olympic trials?

09:40-- March is Women's History Month. How significant is this month for you?

10:57-- What are some of the things that you feel strongly about that you want to use your platform to highlight and to bring more attention to?

11:56-- Who is the top female role model for you outside of the running world and how have they impact your life?

13:49-- How do you want to be remembered?  

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