A Race To The Line In Ohio's State Indoor 3,200m Final

Ohio's Division I 3,200m championship boys final did not disappoint on Saturday in Geneva, Ohio. 

Three of the state's top distance runners -- Uniontown Lake's Nathan Moore, Cincinanti St. Xavier's Nathan Mountain and Dayton Carroll's Kevin Agnew -- all solidified their positions early before engineering late-race moves in the final stages. 

When Moore and Mountain broke off late into the second half of the race, it became a race of wills. Mountain made a move with roughly 800 meters to go, though Moore responded in the final 200 meters. 

Mountain, however, wouldn't let him go and he ultimately found enough in the tank to secure the championship in a new US No. 1 time of 8:56.96, while Moore would finish second in a US No. 2 mark of 8:57.83.

Hilliard Darby's Sean Carney eventually made his way up to third, finishing in 9:04.88, while Agnew was fourth in 9:09.48.

Top 8, Boys 3,200m Final

1	Nathan Mountain	12	St. Xavier	8:56.96	1
2	Nathan Moore	12	Uniont. Lake	8:57.83	1
3	Kevin Agnew	12	Carroll	9:09.48	1
4	Sean Carney	12	Hil. Darby	9:18.95	1
5	Owen Karas	12	St. Charles	9:22.06	1
6	Evan Jarold	11	Brunswick	9:22.30	1
7	Aiden Amshoff	11	Mason	9:25.19	1
8	Victor Orsinelli	12	New Albany	9:27.23	1