The 10 Best XC And Track And Field Moments Of 2020

10. Trey Knight Breaks A Pretty Remarkable National Record In The Hammer Throw, And Then Barely Reacts

- - - 

In a lot of ways, Trey Knight's career has been storybook. Almost a comic book tale. 

Here's a strong kid from Washington doing things no other high school athlete has ever done, and may never do again. 

And he looked like most of us, with few features that made you look twice.

But then he would go out and chuck a piece of weight unreal distances. Other than those few brilliant moments when he threw farther than any high school athlete in history and made headlines, he was about as grounded as any five-star athlete has ever been in high school.

He didn't need the world to talk about him. But maybe that's just the way he liked it. 

Hailing from a small Class 2A school just 30 minutes north of Portland, Oregon, Knight often hurled the weight and hammer throws better than anyone in the country. He set a few class records along the way. 

But in June, the University of Southern California signee finished his high school career with a seminal moment. Knight bombed a new national high school record in the hammer throw with the 12-pound weight on June 27, posting a new all-time mark of 261 feet, 7 inches. 

In doing so, he passed legendary prep athlete Rudy Winkler, who owned the previous record at 260-5. 

But the reaction? 

Maybe that was the most impressive part. 

To Knight, it was just another throw. Another day down the road, a farther one will come. 

When we look back at this performance in June, that's what we'll remember the most about Knight -- when his record was literally soaring into the sky, he remained firmly on the ground.