12 Of Our Favorite Quarantined Questions Interviews

* Before Taylor Ewert graduated this spring, MileSplit sat down with the legendary Ohio athlete

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It's been a weird year, and in a lot of ways ... it was defined by the interview.

When COVID-19 forced the country's athletes indoors, we went digital to find out just how they were responding to the adjustments in training and competition. With races canceled, many countered with time trials. Then graduation came -- for many, over Zoom -- signaling the end to illustrious careers. 

Over the course of the last nine months, we've talked with numerous athletes about their training, competition, life in the era of COVID-19 and much more. 

We spotlighted our favorite interviews over 2020 below. 


Nathan Green - Thomas Boyden - Camille Peisner - Tierney Wolfgram - Jenna Hutchins - Kyle Moison - Brynn Brown - Georgetown Recruits - Brooke Rauber - Juliette Whittaker - Claire Bryant - Taylor Ewert