Milesplit Sweet 16 Individual National Rankings *second edition


Sweet 16 Individual National Rankings

*second edition


1. Zach Wills, OH (MW)

1. Megan Goethals, MI (MW)

Undefeated on the season, defeated US#4 Futsum @ Culver Academies Inv with a 14:54.8 5K

Runs 17:22 5K to win MSU Nike/ Playmaker Spartan Inv; undefeated on season

2. Joe Rosa, NJ (NE)

2. Chelsey Sviensson, TX (SE)

Ran an all-time #1 15:04.0 5K to win Shore Coaches Inv smashing Craig Forys record of 15:15.2

Wins the Oklahoma Cowboy Jamboree in 10:31.9 over two-miles

3. Lukas Verzbicas, IL (MW)

3. Jessica Tonn, AZ (W)

Opened season with a 14:19.8 3-mile victory @ Lions Pride Inv

Run 16:32.3 3-mile to win Queen Creek Twilight Desert Festival winning by almost a minute

4. Futsum Zeinasellassie, IN (MW)

4. Aisling Cuffe, NY (NE)

Raced US#1 Zach Wills @ Culver Academies Inv. Placing 2nd with a 15:14 5K

17:06 at Paul Short Inv 3 sec off Aislinn Ryan course record

5. Elias Gedyon, CA (W)

5. Wesley Frazier, NC (SE)

Opened season with a 14:26.0 3-mile win @ Great Cow Run

Fastest ever NC girls in 17:05 5K @ Adidas Seahawk Inv; undefeated on season

6. Brian Shrader, AZ (W)

6. Kathryn Fluehr, FL (SE)

Drops down from altitude to run 14:24.1 3-mile @ Desert Twilight XC Festival

Run 17:00.73 5K to win Inv; 14 second off of Foot Locker National Champion Ashley Brasovan’s course record

7. Connor Adams, TX (SE)

7. Emily Lipari, NY (NE)

Ran 14:53.1 5K @ McNeil Inv.; undefeated on the season

Dominates Nassau Officials Inv with 18:13.4 5K winning by almost a minute

8. Craig Lutz, TX (SE)

8. Carolyn Baskir, NC (SE)

Ran 15:04 5K @ Marcus Inv.; only loss to US#7 Conner Adams @ South Lake Carroll Inv

Wins Great American XC Festival with 17:14 5K; #2 All-time on WakeMed course; only loss of season was to US#5 Wesley Frazier

9. James Rosa, NJ (NE)

9. Sarah Andrews, TX (SE)

Places 2nd to US#2 Joe Rosa @ Shore Coaches Invitational in a stellar 15:16.0 5K (#3 all-time)

Runs US#1 16:01 3-mile to win Woodbridge Inv

10. Erik Olson, CA (W)

10. Molly Grabill, CA (W)

Winner of the Stanford Invitational with a superb 14:53.0 5K

Places first @ Stanford Inv with a superb 17:21.2 5K

11. Shane Moskowitz, WA (W)

11. Annamarie Maag, OR (W)

Opens the season with a course record 15:09.60 5K victory @ Ft. Steilacoom Invitational

Wins both the Nike Pre-Nationals (17:45.4 5K) and Sunfair (17:39.40 3-mile)

12. Jonathan Vitez, NJ (NE)

12. Samantha Nadel, NY (NE)

Runs 15:41 @ Bowdoin XC Classic; leads US#4 Haddonfield team

Places 2nd to US#8 Carolyn Baskir @ Great American Festival with 17:17 5K

13. Parker Stinson, TX (SE)

13. Chelsea Ley, NJ (NE)

Won Cedar Park Inv. In 15:12 5K; leads US#2 Cedar Park team

Dominates Shore Coaches Inv by a minute with 18:03 5K

14. Scott Vicenzi, IN (MW)

14. Kinsey Gomez, ID (W)

Defeated US#15 Hale O’Herren @ Southport after a loss to O’Herren @ Flash Rock Inv.

Places 2nd to US#11 Annamarie Maag @ Sunfair Inv with 17:55.9 3-mile

15. Hale O’Herren, IN (MW)

15. Kelsey Lakowske, CO (MW)

In the Southport Inv placed second to US#14 Scott Vincenzi with a 15:26.1; has an early season victory over Vincenzi @ Flash Rock 15:19-15:20

Wins Broomfield Inv by over a minute with 18:22 5K; undefeated on the season with big wins at Vrain's and Liberty Bell Inv

16. Brian Atkinson, FL (SE)

16. Emily Sisson, MO (MW)

Wins the Great American XC Festival in an impressive 15:13 5K victory

Wins by nearly 2 minutes @ Ron Jorgeson Memorial Inv.




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