Nathan Green On His Spring, Nationals And Champion Wrestling

On the latest Quarantined Questions, Cory sat down with Nathan Green to go over this spring and summer, his thoughts on natoinals' cancellation, and his champion-level wrestling ability. In December, MileSplit profiled Green following his All-American finish at Team Nationals. The Idaho-based runner overcame some major adversity just to get to the starting line. 

Interview Segments: 

  • The status of Nathan Green this spring and summer [0:45]
  • Positives to take away from a lost season [3:00]
  • Nathan on the Quarantine Clasico [3:50]
  • On overcoming adversity in XC and what he learned about the season [6:30]
  • On training this summer [8:15]
  • COVID in Idaho right now [9:30]
  • On the limbo Idaho is in for XC [10:30]
  • On goal-setting through uncertainty [11:30]
  • On possibly entering Foot Locker Nationals [13:00]
  • On Nathan Green's champion wrestling matches [14:45]
  • Signing off [19:00]