The 16 Best Sprint & Hurdle Talents Headed To AAU This Week

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9. David Foster

- - -

Katy Tompkins High School/Great Houston Track Club, TX

Class of 2021, Boys 17-18 -- 100m, 200m, 4x100, 4x400

Just how fast is David Foster? 

He ran 10.29 seconds in the 100m in February -- although Texas is historically bad at recording wind ... and sometimes you can't always believe the times, either. This one raised some eyebrows considering Foster didn't break 11 seconds as a sophomore. 

But here are a few facts we can't debate:

The Katy Tompkins rising senior has been getting faster and faster and faster since going a legit 10.60 in June at the Leander Spartans Invitational. He has followed with wind-legal and FAT times of 10.51 and 10.49 seconds, respectively, at two separate meets in July. In the 200m, Foster also recorded a career best effort of 21.31 seconds at the Track Dynamite Meet on July 4. A year prior, he went 23.04. 

Maybe everything went right that day and Foster is a legit 10.29 man. Maybe it's all mechanics. 

Or maybe he just needs to offer some more evidence.

If nothing else, he should be in the hunt for a podium spot -- if not an outright win -- this week at the Games. The only question will be: Just how fast will the Texan go? 

He might be able to offer a fantastic answer to that question soon enough. 

- Cory