Brynn Brown Reflects After A Remarkable Time Trial

Cory sat down with Brynn Brown to chat about the Denton Guyer's (TX) remarkable time 3,200m trial over the weekend that saw her run an unofficial national record for the distance. 

Interview Segments: 

  • On Brynn's thoughts on her time trial and improvement [0:45]
  • On a crazy, crazy year [2:30]
  • What drives Brynn in this sport [3:45]
  • Brynn's training period this spring [4:40]
  • On the 4xmile workout preceding the time trial [8:00]
  • On criticism, and why this time trial was important [11:00]
  • How the first mile felt [12:20]
  • Being mentally tough in the end [13:30]
  • On the unofficial national record and her accomplishments [14:30]
  • On aspiring for new heights next year [16:00]

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