AIA Champs Retro: Dominique Mustin Wins Four, Three-Peats

Dominique Mustin will go down as the most dominant female athlete in Arizona Division II history.

And maybe in time there will be argument to be made on whether she's the most versatile and accomplished girls athlete in state history, perhaps in the conversation along with Peoria's Jessica Onyepunuka (2002), Phoenix Alhambra's Kathy Gibbons (1972) and Scottsdale's Mavis Laing (1970), all three among the state's most dominant athletes of all-time.

But Mustin crossed lines few of those athletes did, achieving a range of success in not just one area but in two and three, winning state titles in the sprints, mid-distance and hurdles. 

Even without her final season on the track for the Rattlers, she captured  nine state championships in three years for Phoenix North Canyon. And more importantly, she helped guide her team to three straight AIA Division II state championships. 

But no doubt, her best year came in 2019.

Mustin's performance will go down as a truly rare accomplishment, capturing titles in the 400m, 800m, 100mH and the 4x400, the first and last events picking up new overall state records in the process. 

Few athletes are as versatile as Mustin, who over the course of the season competed in the 200m, 400m, 800m, 1,600m, 100mH, 300mH and HJ. 

AIA Division II Girls 400m Final Results

1	Dominique Mustin	11	North Canyon High School	54.47		1
2	Grace Reinholz	12	Ironwood Ridge High School	56.64		1
3	Jayde Charlton	11	North Canyon High School	57.03		1
4	Delphine Dah	11	North Canyon High School	57.16		1
5	Indiah Fields	9	Willow Canyon High School	58.82		1
6	Corteaja Andrews	11	Betty H. Fairfax High School	59.42		1
7	Lydia Pelletier-butler	12	Flagstaff High School	1:00.73		1
8	Reanna Campbell	9	Desert Edge High School	1:01.43		1
9	Jaida Steward	9	Agua Fria High School	1:02.24		1

Looking at the broader picture, her toughest moment may have come in the 100mH. 

It's not the easiest thing to transition from a long sprint like the 400m or a mid-distance event like the 800m, down to the 100mH, which requires explosiveness on all levels. 

But Mustin was on her game, authoring a personal record effort of 14.25 seconds in the prelims and then a nearly flawless run of 14.33 seconds in the finals (see below). 

While that time wouldn't put her among the national elite for 2019, she finished with Arizona's fifth-best effort on the season.

Meanwhile, her performances in the 400m and 800m would lead the state, and the latter would end as the nation's No. 7 performance (2:06.01). 

- - - 

AIA Division II Girls 100 Meter Hurdles Final


1	Dominique Mustin	11	North Canyon High School	14.33	-1.2	1
2	Lia Hendricks	10	Campo Verde High School	14.49	-1.2	1
3	Kiana Kai	11	Campo Verde High School	14.54	-1.2	1
4	Kiya Pogue	10	Centennial High School	14.72	-1.2	1
5	Ma'kayla Dickerson	12	Betty H. Fairfax High School	15.09	-1.2	1
6	Madeline Wilson	12	Flagstaff High School	15.35	-1.2	1
7	Jenson Gomez	12	Cactus Shadows High School	15.44	-1.2	1
8	Seadra Hamilton	12	Marana High School	15.60	-1.2	1

North Canyon's 4x400 Post-Race Interview

Retrospective: Mustin signed with Texas A&M in the fall, a move that could potentially set her up for immediate success at the NCAA level. And time will only tell where Mustin fits on the track. The Aggies have built a strong foundation in the mid-distance, and the Arizona prep could very well tandom with fellow freshman Athing Mu during ensuing seasons in the 800m. But with her hurdle expertise and strength in the 400m, she could very well become a threat in the 400mH in the years to come.  

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