Kyle Moison On Throws Life, Bucket List Goals And The Pats

On the latest Quarantined Questions, Cory sat down with Lincoln (RI) thrower Kyle Moison, who moved up the national rankings over the indoor season and finished as the country's No. 2 weight thrower. The future Auburn University athlete was ready to make his mark on the outdoor season, though Rhode Island seems headed for a cancellation. Kyle talks about that and more. 

Run of Show: 

  • Welcoming Kyle to Quarantined Questions [0:30]
  • How Kyle is maintaining his training [1:15]
  • Kyle describes his indoor season [2:05]
  • Reaching bigger PRs against competition [3:00]
  • What If aspirations for NBNO [4:50] - 6:00-6:18 maybe cut out
  • Goals for the hammer, shot put and discus in 2020 [7:00]
  • The role coach Brian Grant has had for Moison [8:00]
  • Favorite performance of his career [9:45]
  • Kyle describes his love for college football [11:10]
  • Still learning War Eagle [12:30]
  • Kyle predicts the New England Patriots' next move [13:30]
  • Describing his favorite tv watches [16:30]
  • Kyle's favorite sports movie [17:10]
  • Remaining things on Kyle's bucket list [18:00]
  • Inside Kyle: What goes inside his head when he steps inside the circle [19:15]

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