Training Plans, Tully Facts, More With Brooke Rauber

In the latest Quarantined Questions, Cory sits down with Tully (NY) High School junior Brooke Rauber to talk training, the steeplechase, favorite trails, the New York distance scene, and more. 

Run of Show:

  • Brooke Rauber details how things are going [0:30]
  • One thing Rauber has learned about the steeplechase [2:10]
  • Training in Tully [4:10] Brooke's plan for the remaining season [5:00]
  • The vibes of Penn Relays [6:30]
  • Fun facts about Tully [8:10]
  • Some things Brooke is doing to pass time [9:30]
  • Brooke's favorite running movie [11:00]
  • Best sauce for chicken fingers [11:30]
  • Brooke's perfect race [12:15]
  • How Brooke gets through uncertainty [13:10]
  • Remaining goals for 2020 [14:10]
  • Brooke looks ahead to XC and NXN [14:30]

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