Dublin Distance Festival Retro: Brewer Outlasts Friedman

Alyssa Brewer knew she was in for a fight at the Dublin Distance Fiesta in 2018. 

While the California High School senior had run a faster all-time 800m a year prior in 2:07.07 -- which won her a CIF state 800m title as a junior -- Friedman wasn't far behind, owning a 2:09.08 from that very same race. 

So Brewer knew what she had to do in the fast heat of the girls 800m.

Get out quick. 

Brewer rushed out to a 32-second first 200 meters, though she could likely sense Friedman on her heels. 

By the 400 meter mark, Friedman was nearly breathing on Brewer. 

Brewer would eventually make a big surge at 500m, then would go once more at 600m, holding off a valiant charge from Friedman. 

Later in the season, both would go on to garner more success. Brewer won the 800m at the Arcadia Invitational, though an injury would keep her out of her final CIF State Championships. Her time from the DDF would finish as her fastest performnace at 800m for 2018.

Friedman would go on to finish fourth at the CIF State Championships again in a near-identical 2:09.58.

2018 Dublin Distane Fiesta Girls 800m Standings

1	Alyssa Brewer	12	California High (NC)	2:08.99		24
2	Mari Friedman	12	Santa Cruz High (CC)	2:09.79		24
3	Gillian Wagner	12	Redwood High School (NC)	2:14.77		24
4	Anaya Ward	12	Santa Cruz High (CC)	2:16.62		24
5	Charlotte Tomkinson	10	Menlo School (CC)	2:17.90		24
6	Arianna Gragg	12	Acalanes High School (NC)	2:19.89		24
7	Kyra Pretre	10	Menlo School (CC)	2:20.38		24
8	Lauren Harper	11	Trinity High (NS)	2:21.25		24

Retrospective: Brewer had a successful first season with the University of Southern California in 2019, posting an 800m personal best of 2:04.93. She was fifth at the USATF U20 Outdoor Track and Field Championships in 2:09.43. Friedman, meanwhile, began her career with Oregon State a year ago and ran a best of 2:09.95 at the Pac-12 Championships. She contributed to Oregon State's cross country season this past fall.