30 Reasons Why The Treadmill Is The Worst

By Lincoln Shyrack - FloTrack

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Although running outside is one of the few luxuries we still have in this era of social distancing, I imagine that many runners are being forced to dust off the treadmill when going outdoors isn't possible. 

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Here are 30 reasons why the treadmill is a terrible piece of equipment:

1. It's the most boring exercise experience imaginable

2. You don't move

3. You sweat all over the machine

4. 8:00 mile pace feels like 6:00 mile pace

5. You're constantly looking at the clock

6. A lot of treadmills can shock you with static electricity

7. The built-in fan that blows dusty air

8. You have to do it alone

9. That jello-leg feeling when you step off

10. They're expensive

11. They take up a lot of room

12. Speed workouts are brutal

13. Running hills feels like running up a wall

14. Falling

15. Gym treadmills are way too close to each other

16. The built-in TVs often don't work

17. You can't spit

18. The dust and sweat mixture that accumulates around the machine

19. They're heavy

20. The standard setting limits runs to one hour

21. Why do I need to know calories burned?

22. When it asks you to type in your weight

23. The heart rate thing that's just guessing

24. Accidentally pulling the safety plug

25. Sprinting on a treadmill is terrifying

26. Untied shoes

27. Realizing the person that used it before didn't clean up

28. Sweating profusely indoors is gross

29. It's loud

30. The workout progress updates: "You're 10-percent done!"