Coaches Corner Podcast Episode 1: Andy Thompson

Welcome to the Coaches Corner Podcast with Kyle Deeken and Parker Navarro!

Our first episode features Thousand Oaks (CA) coach Andy Thompson, who brought out a number of insights on his personal coaching philosophy, his team building summer training schedule, "Minutes per week" vs "Miles per week," and much, much more. Feel free to skip around using the time breaks listed below.

Moving forward, check in every Tuesday for more interviews with the top high school coaches across the country. 

Up Next, September 18: Northport (NY) High School head coach Jason Strom. 

Time Breaks: 

  • Introducing your co-hosts (0:00)
  • Welcome Thousand Oaks (CA) Coach Andy Thompson (1:17)
  • Coach Thompson's personal running journey (2:15)
  • Coach Thompson's personal coaching journey - (5:55)
  • Coaching philosophy (8:30)
  • Selecting Assistant Coaches (15:41)
  • Thousand Oaks' upcoming season outlook (18:30)
  • Big Bear (briefly), summer training, and determining team roster (22:25)
  • Transitioning from summer into the season (27:51)
  • Minutes vs Miles and handling a "higher mileage" program (29:55)
  • Managing supplemental programs (strength, core, balance, prehab) (34:50)
  • More on Big Bear: Team building and goal setting (36:45)
  • Advice for new coaches (43:30)
  • Advice for new parents (49:50)
  • Closing Thoughts (53:10)

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