Camren Fischer Final Training Blog: Race Week


Less than 2 weeks until race day. I'm planning on getting in 50 miles for the week with 2 good tempo run type workouts in.

Sunday (8/26)-- Got that Sunday long run in with 11.5 miles at a 6:44 pace. It felt a lot tougher this week though mainly because we just started workouts and I think the mileage is starting to catch up to my legs. I ran on the grass at the Hogs home course again. I think I have the place practically memorized by now.

Monday (8/27)-- I had a nice 7-mile recovery ish run today, just trying to flush the legs a little. I ran at a 6:50 pace and then took an ice bath afterward to try and help the legs recover.

Tuesday (8/28)-- Today was just a normal run of sorts. Nothing special just got 7.5 miles in at a 6:50 pace. Still focusing on slowly but surely building my base miles so runs won't always be super exciting just yet.

Wednesday (8/29)-- Today we went out to the Hogs home course at Agri park to get in a good workout on the grass. We did a fartlek with the faster pace lasting for around 1k and the easy pace around 600 to 800 meters. The run totaled out to be roughly 5 miles, but I hit the hard sessions at about a 5:10 average pace. I had a mile warmup and 2-mile cooldown so the total for the day was 8 miles.

Thursday (8/30)-- Today was just another normal run. My legs have been feeling dead for some time now and I really felt it today since we're starting to get into that grinding part of the season where everything is just tough and you don't have much time to recover or anything. That being said, I got 7.5 miles in today at roughly a 7:00 pace.

Friday (8/31)-- Today was another hard workout. We did our staple workout for this time of the year, Woolsey. It was a 7 mile run with 13 hills and we hit the hills hard every time we encountered them. I guess you could call it a type of fartlek run but with a hill during every hard.

Saturday (9/1)-- Off day