Summer Training Blog: Valor Christian's Cole Sprout (Week 4)

Week 3

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Monday, August 13

Today I did 25 minutes of hill sprints each followed by an easy jog on a 3/4 mile dirt loop. After that, I did a 15-minute cool-down/easy run averaging around a 6:20 pace. The hill sprints felt really good, and I was able to recover fairly quickly after each one. 

Total miles: 6.28

Tuesday, August 14

I did a 54-minute easy run at High Line Canal today mostly based on effort (flat crushed gravel trail). Average pace was 6:16 and besides my IT band flaring up a little bit, the run felt really comfortable. Also ran by a cat just chillin' in the middle of the trail which was for sure the highlight of my run.

Total miles: 8.26

Wednesday, August 15

Today I did two 30-minute doubles at an easy pace. First run averaged at around 6:08 with a couple strides at the end. The second run I did on an AlterG treadmill which lets you run at a lower body weight percentage in order to decrease the impact on your legs, feet, etc. Overall both runs -- effort-wise -- felt really good, just trying to stay on top of some IT band syndrome in the left leg. 

Total miles: 9.6

Thursday, August 16

Took a rest day. This early in the season it's common for small injuries and things to crop up so taking care of them early prevents them from getting worse and worse as the season goes on. I've been developing a little IT band syndrome so I'm planning on taking a few days off to get on top of it early on.

Total miles: 0

Friday, August 17

Rest day. Got some dry needling done on my IT band which wasn't a very pleasant experience but seemed to help loosen it. Overall it's starting to feel better already just after taking two days off.

Total miles: 0

Saturday, August 18

It's been three days since I last ran. Not sure if I'll make it till Monday but I'm just trying to stay positive. IT band is feeling a lot better. Acting early on when you start developing an injury/tweak is key to a fast recovery.

Total miles: 0

Sunday, August 19

Rest day number four. IT band is continuing to feel better and I've really been focusing on active recovery like rolling, stretching, and eating anti-inflammatory foods. Ready to get back at it on Monday.

Total miles: 0