MileSplit Indoor Track Live Event Calendar

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MileSplit Live Event January Calendar

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dateeventlive streamevent info
1/5PG County Invitational, MDARCHIVESResults
1/6IAAM/MIAA League Meet #2, MDARCHIVESResults
1/6-1/7Ice Breaker Invitational, ALCANCELLEDCANCELLED
1/6Suffolk Stars Invitational, VAARCHIVESResults
1/6-1/7Dartmouth Relays, NH (FloTrack)ARCHIVESResults
1/7Kevin Dare HS InvitationalARCHIVESResults
1/7-1/8MSTCA Auerbach Frosh-Soph Meet, MAARCHIVESResults
1/7-1/8Ocean Breeze Freedom Games (FloTrack)ARCHIVESResults
1/12Prince George County Champs, MDARCHIVESResults
1/13-1/14VA Showcase, VA (FloTrack)ARCHIVESResults
1/13SMAC League Meet #3, MDARCHIVESResults
1/14Nittany Lion Challenge, PA (FloTrack)ARCHIVESResults
1/14UW Indoor Preview, WA (FloTrack)ARCHIVESResults
1/14Montgomery Invitational, MDARCHIVESResults
1/15MSTCA Div IV State Indoor Relays, MAARCHIVESResults
1/16Southern Maryland Indoor Track Classic, MDWATCHMeet Page
1/18Montgomery County Champs, MDWATCHMeet Page
1/19Dubai Marathon


1/20-1/21St. Christopher's Invitational, VAWATCHMeet Page
1/20-1/21Atlantic Coast Invitational, VAWATCHMeet Page
1/20-1/21Yale Track Classic, CT (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
1/21PSAL Invitational, NYWATCHMeet Page
1/21Carnegie Mellon Invite, OH (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
1/25Morris County Championships, MDWATCHMeet Page
1/27IAAM/MIAA Championships, MDWATCHMeet Page
1/27Villanova Open, NY (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
1/27-1/28SPIRE Midwest Open, OH (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
1/27-1/28Penn State National, PA (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
1/27-1/28UW Invitational, WA (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
1/27-1/28Last Chance Invite, ALWATCHMeet Page
1/27-1/28Virginia Tech Premier HS Invite, VAWATCHMeet Page
1/28Wildcat Classic, KYWATCHMeet Page
1/28Eastern HS Challenge, NCWATCHMeet Page
1/28SMAC Indoor Championships, MDWATCHMeet Page
1/28-1/29MSTCA Coaches Invite/Elite Meet, MAWATCHMeet Page
1/28-1/29Ocean Breeze Invitational, NY (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page

MileSplit Live Event February Calendar
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dateeventlive streamevent info
2/3Mid Area Track Classic, VAWATCHMeet Page
2/3-2/4New Mexico Collegiate Classic, NM (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
2/3-2/4Arkansas Indoor State Champs, ARWATCHMeet Page
2/4UW High School Invite, WAWATCHMeet Page
2/4Villanova Wildcat Invite, NY (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
2/4Bulldog Qualifier, VAWATCHMeet Page
2/4MSTCA Last Chance, MAWATCHMeet Page
2/4Air Force High School Open, COWATCHMeet Page
2/6Morris County Coaches Invitational, MDWATCHMeet Page
2/9-2/11Dunamis Sports Group Indoor, TX (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
2/10Fastrack National Invitational, NY (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
2/10-2/11Don Kirby College Invite, NM (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
2/10-2/11Husky Classic, WA (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
2/10-2/11Iowa State Classic, IA (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
2/10-2/11SPIRE NCAA Div I Invitational (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
2/11CHSAA Intersectional Champs, NYWATCHMeet Page
2/12MileSplit Scholastic ShowcaseWATCHMeet Page
2/12UW Indoor Open, WA (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
2/13VHSL Group 5A North Regional, VAWATCHMeet Page
2/15Coast Guard 6A North Region Champs, VAWATCHMeet Page
2/16VHSL 4A East Regional, VAWATCHMeet Page
2/17SPIRE Scholastic Showcase, OHWATCHMeet Page
2/18UK High School Invitational, KYWATCHMeet Page
2/19Austin Marathon, TX (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
2/20MIAA Auerbach All State Meet, MAWATCHMeet Page
2/24-2/25MPSF Championships, WA (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
2/25PTFCA Indoor Champs, PA (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page

MileSplit Live Event March Calendar
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dateeventlive Streamevent info
3/4NJCAA Indoor Champs (FloTrack)WATCHMeet Page
3/4-3/5OATCC Indoor Champs, OH (FloTrack)WATCH

Meet Page

MileSplit Live Event December Archives & Results

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12/2-12/3Real Deal, VAARCHIVESResults
12/3Magic City, ALARCHIVESResults
12/9SMAC League Meet #1, MDARCHIVESResults
12/9-12/10Gloucester Pre-Holiday, VAARCHIVESResults
12/10Holiday Invitational, ALARCHIVESResults
12/14SMAC League Meet #2, MDARCHIVESResults
12/16Bowerman Awards (FloTrack)ARCHIVES----
12/16IAAM/MIAA League Meet #1, MDARCHIVESResults
12/16-12/17Boo Williams Winter Break, VAARCHIVESResults
12/17Bishop Loughlin Games, NYARCHIVESResults
12/17Galleria Games, ALARCHIVESResults
12/17Hokie Holiday Festival, VAARCHIVESResults
12/17-12/18MSTCA Winter Festival, MAARCHIVESResults
12/21Wayne Gardiner Invite, NYARCHIVESResults
12/22Ed Bowie Classic, MDARCHIVESResults
12/26PR Holiday Invitational, MDARCHIVESResults
12/27Rhode Island Classic, RIARCHIVESResults
12/27Montgomery County Public Meet #3, MDARCHIVESResults
12/27Ocean Breeze Holiday (Youth), NYARCHIVESResults
12/28F.I.T Invitational, MDARCHIVESResults
12/28Coach Glynn Holiday, NYARCHIVESResults
12/28Boston Holiday Challenge, MAARCHIVESResults
12/30Ocean Breeze Holiday, NY (FloTrack)ARCHIVESResults
12/30USATF Indoor Hoover Alumni, ALARCHIVESResults