Saucony Flo50 Summer Training Blog: Brie Oakley

I was up at a high-altitude running camp in Crested Butte, Colorado for three weeks this summer. It was such a great experience running mountain trails and getting to ice in the rivers up there and especially meeting people who love to run from all over the country! Every day we would wake up and do a 15-minute shakeout run with strides and stretches, followed by icing (with the exception of the long run when we would do a shakeout later in the day). And then after our runs, we would do strides, stretches, and icing again.

Week of July 25-July 31

Monday: We ran on the Dyke trail, which was really hilly and rocky, with the first 1-2 miles being uphill, the next couple miles being downhill, and the last few miles being uphill again. It ended up being around 5.7 miles.

Tuesday: We ran a long run today, beginning on Lower loop trail and connecting to Slate road. I ran for 75 minutes at 6:30 min/mile pace at 9,000 ft.

Wednesday: We did an easier run today up in Lake City. I ran for 40 minutes at 6:40 mile pace.

Thursday: We ran on the Lower Loop trail again. I ran for 35 minutes at 7 minute pace.

Friday: We did a tempo to hill workout on the treadmill today. I did a 15 minute warmup with three pushes faster than my tempo pace. I then ran a 12 minute tempo at 5:27 min/mile pace and ran 8 hills at 2 minutes each (the last hill I ran for 3 minutes). In between each hill after the first one , I got off the treadmill and jogged for 2 minutes. Once I was finished with the hills I did a cool down with strides and stretches.

Saturday: I ran a shakeout before I left to go home from camp and once I got home I ran for 30 minutes at 6:50 pace.

Sunday: I ran for 45 minutes on a trail by my house at 6:30 pace.

All photos courtesy of Brie Oakley