Saucony Flo50 Summer Training Blog: Cooper Teare

Week 4: 8/8-8/14

First week of school, got some good workouts in and more mileage than last week. 

Monday was two runs, morning 4 miles at 6:40, afternoon was 7 miles at 7 minute pace. 11 miles for the day. 2 sets of core. 

Tuesday 16 x 400 going every 2 minutes, paced at 70s the first 12 with 50 seconds rest, last 4 were cut downs going 70, 69, 68, 65. With warm-up and cool down it was 7 miles. 

Wednesday was 7 in the afternoon with 2 sets of core. 

Thursday we headed up to the hills to do skyline hill (1 mile) in 7 minutes, Tony's hill (my coach) with is about 1200m long but much steeper than skyline, then 4 Piedmont loops that are about 770m long in 2:15-20. 
Total of 8 miles. 

Friday was recovery 7 miles at 7:20 pace. 1 set of core. 

Saturday was a 3 mile tempo, went 5:095:114:59 and finished in 15:25 for a little over 3 miles. Jogged back to the start for 7 miles. 

Sunday was 11 miles starting at 7:30 pace and progressing to 6:45 pace with a couple of the guys.

Weekly total: 58 miles

Next week is the first week of the season and it will be a taper week, so only around 40 miles