IAAF World U20 Champs Journal: Aaliyah Miller Travels to Poland

July 18: Second day in Poland

Today was a crazy day too!! I thought I adjusted to the time change, but here in Bydgoszcz the sun rises at 5 in the morning!!! So then once the sun woke me up I decided to stay up until 6 so I could be a little more tired and go back to sleep (since I didn't have to be up until 9). And right when I started to get comfortable, someone starts banging on our door. I was confused on why anyone would be up at 6:30am and why they would bang on our door!! I'm rooming with Sammy Watson, and we both tried to ignore it! But then I was like shoot, we're probably getting drug tested and when I opened the door I was right! So that's how I started my morning, waking up to taking a good ol drug test. 

So once that was over with I took a quick nap before we headed to the track for a morning track workout! I just did 150s and some strides to make sure my legs are "poppin" for the prelims tomorrow! I felt good, it was a little chilly out there and even rained a little bit! I finally got the courage to ask some of the other teams to take pictures with me!!! It was funny taking pictures with the Jamaicans, they kept saying "bingo,bingo,bingo" when we took the picture! And then I took a selfie with some Bahama guys too before we left! They were super nice and immediately wanted me to tell everyone to follow them on Instagram! We left a little later than before so I couldn't take pictures with all of the teams which was a bummer!

Once I got back to the hotel I was DETERMINED to go to the mall since I didn't go yesterday! I went a little crazy in there and got a lot of stuff but oh well it's worth it!! It was nice to get my mind off of track for a couple of hours and go shopping with my new teammates! Once I got back to the hotel, I got massaged and then went to get ready for the team meeting/team pictures! All I can say is Team USA is looking real good, were about to kick some butt out there!! Super excited to race tomorrow, it's about to be lit!!!!! 

Coach Morgan is coming in clutch changing my spikes, she is definitely pumped for tomorrow!