Garek Bielaczyc Reports From Edinburgh

Garek Bielaczyc is in Scotland this weekend as part of the Team USA contingent to the Great Edinburgh Xcountry event. Pictured above are Christian Liddell, Paul Roberts, Bielaczyc and Phillip Rocha. These are his observations.

Today was quite the day! I arrived last night but Paul and Phillip arrived this morning. We all had breakfast together. It was mostly just cold breakfast with cereal and fruit. Paul got a boiled egg but Phillip and I weren't feeling it. After breakfast we all went to our rooms and crashed. We napped until 11:45 and then met up with some of the Senior men team for a run. 
We ran laps around the park for 40 minutes. It was raining pretty heavily by the end and we all got soaked. We went back to the hotel and changed before having lunch. Lunch was just some grilled chicken and pasta. It was pretty good! After lunch Paul, Phillip, Christian, and I went sight seeing to Edinburgh Castle! It was pretty cool and walking back we stopped in some shops. Walking to our Hotel some Scottish dudes starting chanting USA! USA! so we joined in for a bit. 

Once we got back to the Hotel we had a team meeting and met all the other Team USA members. Dinner was Salmon and Pasta. The food here is pretty good! The hotel is really nice too. So far we've just been hanging out in the hotel because it's so rainy outside. Really excited to run the course tomorrow and see what Saturday is going to be like!

Bielaczyc, Roberts and Rocha pose.

Paul Roberts.

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Garek Bielacyzc on Day 2...