Which State Has The Best Foot Locker Athletes?

Originally published on FloTrack.org

Foot Locker is in the books, which means it's time for indoor season! But, before we dive head first into track and field we decided to take one last look at the Foot Locker National Championships. This year both the boys and girls winner came from the same state, Virginia. Which got us thinking, which state has had the most success at Foot Locker in recent years?

Our Ranking Process:
1) To keep things recent we decided to only look at the past 12 years when 40 athletes competed (10 from each region)
2) In the NCAA the top 40 out of 255 are considered All-Americans (about top 15%). With only 40 athletes in Foot Locker we decided the top five are the equivalent to All-American (Top 12.5%) NOTE: Taking top six would be 15% however, we feel top five is still a better cut off point.
3) We then assigned point totals to the top five finishers. 1st = 5pts, 2nd = 4pts, 3rd = 3pts, 4th = 2pts, 5th = 1pt
4) We then totaled the points and ranked the states highest to lowest.