Jesse Reiser (IL): Summer Training Blog

<p> <span style="font-size: 14px;">As part of the&nbsp;</span><strong style="font-size: 14px;"><a href="">Saucony 500 Mile Challenge</a></strong><span style="font-size: 14px;">&nbsp;campaign, MileSplit is asking several of the nation&#39;s top returning cross country runners to share with us in a blog format a weekly post of their summer training as they prepare for the upcoming 2014 XC season. What greater inspiration for developing high school runners than to see how their elite peers train and push through logging those summer miles, while staying motivated and hungry to get in the base and conditioning needed for their next season and year of races. Follow along and become fans of these great high school runners as they start the first step of their journey into a 2014 cross country season which they hopefully reach all their goals that they set out to accomplish.</span></p>

One of those elite returning high school cross country runners who will be sharing his weekly summer training in Illinois state 3200 meter champion and cross country runner-up Jesse Reiser of McHenry High School. Last fall, Reiser qualified and competed in both the Foot Locker Nationals (33rd) and Nike Cross Nationals (13th). This past spring, Reiser dropped down to an incredible new 3200 PR of 8:54 from a 9th place finish in the stacked Arcadia Invitational race and also dipped under 4:10 in the 1600. Reiser will be looking to earn his first Illinois cross country state title this fall in the 3A classification and improve upon his finishes last year in the end-of-season national championship races.

Week 1 (6/16-6/22)

After a satisfying track season, I took about three weeks off for a physical and mental break and just hung out with friends and got my mind off running for awhile. Once those three weeks were up I started off running fairly easy so I could get back into waking up and running everyday. I did strides every once in awhile but nothing to overwhelming on my legs.

June 16th - Relaxed 6 miles

June 17th - 6 miles

June 18th - 6 miles, light strides

June 19th - 8 miles

June 20th - 6 miles, light strides

June 21st - 6 miles

June 22nd - 7 miles

Week 1 Mileage Total: 45 miles

Summer Total: 45 miles

Week 2 (6/23-6/29)


After a week of running under my belt my legs weren't as soar anymore so I was feeling pretty good going into my second week. This week I started doing strides everyday along with core. Also after each run we did some movement stretching like high knees. These first couple weeks are just base work then in the later weeks we start hills or tempo runs.

June 23rd - 8 miles, strides, core work, and mobility stretching

24th - 7 miles, strides, mobility stretching

25th - 6 miles, strides, core work, mobility stretching

26th - 8 miles, strides, core work, mobility stretching

27th - 8.5 miles

28th - 7 miles

29th - 5.5 miles

Week 2 Total: 50 miles

Summer Total: 95 miles

Week 3 (6/30-7/6)

My third week was the same as the first two just concentrating on base work. Except we started weight training 2 or 3 times a week. Our strength work is mostly body weight or very low weight and high reps. I felt relatively well this week since I got used to waking up early and running everyday instead of getting to sleep in. Mondays are usually our longer days unless something changes like if it's cooler later in the week then we tend to run longer on those days.

June 30th - 9 miles, strides, mobility stretching, and core work

July 1st - 8 miles, weight training, strides, and mobility stretching

July 2nd - 10 miles; colder day, strides, weight training, and core

July 3rd - 8 miles, weight training, mobility stretching, and core

July 4th - 6 miles

July 5th - 8.25 miles

July 6th - 5.75 miles -Typically Friday through Sunday we don't do anything but run

Week 3 Total: 55

Summer Total: 150

Week 4 (7/7-7/13)

After about three weeks of building we take a rest week and run a week with lower mileage. Also this week we started hills and we had a hill workout on Tuesday. Our hill workouts is about a 150 meter hill and we typically do about 8 up and downs. Since this was our first week of hills we only did 6. I'm still continuing to do strides as well as mobility stretching and core workouts. This week we only lifted light for two days.

July 7th - 10 miles, strides, core

July 8th - 8 miles, 6 hills, mobility stretching

July 9th - recovery run easy 7 miles, strides, weight training, and core

July 10th - 6 miles, strides, mobility stretching, and core

July 11th - 7.5 miles

July 12th - 6.5 miles

July 13th - day off

Week 4 Total: 45 miles

Summer Total: 195 miles

Week 5 (7/14-7/20)

After a laid back and relaxed week I picked the mileage back up a little bit. This week we still did hills on Tuesday but on Thursday we did a tempo run of about 4 miles along with a two mile warm up and a two mile cool down. Also I forgot to mention that I try to ice bath when I can to prevent injuries that could give me some sort of set back.

July 14th - 10 miles, strides, mobility stretching

July 15th - 9 miles, 8 hills, and mobility stretching

July 16th - 9 miles, strides, weight training

July 17th - 2 mile warm up, 4 mile tempo, and a two mile cool down, mobility stretching, and core

July 18th - recovery 9 miles 19th- 10 miles

July 20th - Day off - I try to get all my mileage ran in 6 days so I can have a day off each week but if I have to run on Sunday then I will.

Week 5 Total: 55 miles

Summer Total: 245 miles