Audrey Belf (MI): Summer Training Blog

<p> <span style="font-size: 14px;">As part of the&nbsp;</span><strong style="font-size: 14px;"><a href="">Saucony 500 Mile Challenge</a></strong><span style="font-size: 14px;">&nbsp;campaign, MileSplit is asking several of the nation&#39;s top returning cross country runners to share with us in a blog format a weekly post of their summer training as they prepare for the upcoming 2014 XC season. What greater inspiration for developing high school runners than to see how their elite peers train and push through logging those summer miles, while staying motivated and hungry to get in the base and conditioning needed for their next season and year of races. Follow along and become fans of these great high school runners as they start the first step of their journey into a 2014 cross country season which they hopefully reach all their goals that they set out to accomplish.</span></p>

Michigan state champion and US Junior Nationals 5K champion Audrey Belf blogs on her summer training entering her senior year of high school. The Birmingham Seaholm High School distance runner ran a 10:10 two mile in New Balance Nationals indoor runner-up finish in March and also ran a lifetime best of 4:45 for fifth place in the adidas Dream Mile. She finished her 11th grade year with a US Juniors National title in the 5K and personal best time of 17:01.   After finishing 22nd in last year's Foot Locker Midwest Regional, Belf expects to be one of the top individual contenders in that region following her track season performances.


Week 1-2 (7/14-7/27) - Week 3 (7/28-8/3) - Week 4 (8/4-8/10) - Week 5 (8/11-8/17) - Week 6 (8/18-8/24)

Week 1-2 (July 21-27)

This was my second week of training after USATF Nationals. I am beginning with lower mileage after my short break and working my way back up. Last week I ran 40 miles. I am happy with how strong I have been feeling as I begin my cross country training.

7/21- 5 miles (around my neighborhood)
7/22- 6 miles (around my neighborhood)
7/23- 7 miles (around my neighborhood)
7/24- 6 miles (around my neighborhood)
7/25- 5 miles (With 3 at a faster pace) (around my neighborhood)
7/26- 8 miles (around my neighborhood)
7/27- 10 miles (at local trails)

Week 2 Mileage Total: 47 miles
Summer Total: 87 miles

Week 3 (July 28-August 3)

I am happy to find my mileage working its way back to normal. This past week I felt great. Fortunately, we had some great, cool weather in Michigan this week making training enjoyable. I am very excited to get back to racing soon!

7/28- 5 miles (faster paced) (around my neighborhood) and an hour of swimming
7/29- 7 miles (around my neighborhood) and an hour of swimming
7/30- 6 miles (around my neighborhood) and an hour of swimming
7/31- 7 miles (around my neighborhood) and about a 45 minute bike ride
8/1- 5 miles (faster paced) (around my neighborhood) and an hour of swimming
8/2- 8 miles (around my neighborhood) and an hour of swimming.
8/3- 12 miles (around my neighborhood) (recovery pace)

Week 2 Mileage Total: 50 miles

Summer Total: 137 miles

Week 4 (August 4-10)

I had a fabulous week of training. My longer runs have felt great and I feel strong climbing back up to my higher mileage. This week I decided to do a fun summer 5K on Saturday. It was a great way to get in some speed work and the field was perfect for running a fast time. I am even more excited for XC season after getting a taste of a race!

8/4- 4 miles with each mile getting faster (around my neighborhood)
8/5- 8 miles (around my neighborhood)
8/6- 10 miles (around my neighborhood)
8/7- 8 miles (around my neighborhood)
8/8- 7 miles (around my neighborhood)
8/9- 5k road race-16:47! 7 miles total (in Saline, MI)
8/10- 13 miles (around my neighborhood, should have been 12 miles, but my GPS watch malfunctioned)

Week 4 Mileage Total: 57 miles
Summer Total: 194 miles

Week 5 (August 11-17)

This week was a very interesting week of training. I did my first few interval workouts. They were a little tricky after not doing speed all summer, but they will begin to feel good again soon. On Tuesday I took on my new longest distance ever, 14 miles. I had to do my long run Tuesday instead of Sunday because I was at our team Cross Country Camp. 14 miles was more of a mental challenge than anything, but I know it will seem much easier next time I conquer the mileage. Team camp was a lot of fun! It was great getting to know some of the new people and bond with my teammates. We played some intense rounds of laser tag at a fun place in Howell, made s’mores, and tie dyed shirts. It’s hard to believe it is my last year of high school cross country.

8/11- 10 miles total (around my neighborhood and intervals of 400’s and 200’s)
8/12- 14 miles, my longest distance ever! (around my neighborhood-I had to do my long run today due to Cross Country Camp this weekend.)
8/13- 10 miles total (around my neighborhood and intervals of 400’s,200’s,and 400’s)
8/14- 9 miles (around my neighborhood and on the trails of the Howell Nature Center)
8/15-  1 mile of hill repeats in the morning and a fun 5K road race in the afternoon (5K race with 2 mile cool down) (at the Howell Nature Center and downtown Howell)
8/16- Morning Strides, 6 miles in the afternoon (at the Brighton Rec. Area and Howell Nature Center)
8/17-  8 miles (rails to trails, Pinckney, MI)

Week 5 Mileage Total: 63 miles
Summer Total: 257 miles

Week 6 (August 18-24)

This week was very rainy and humid in Michigan. The high humidity made some runs a bit difficult but powering through will only make me stronger. I am very excited to have my first cross country meet next week and officially start off the cross country season. It has been so much fun being back with my team.

8/18- 10 miles (around my neighborhood)
8/19- 6 miles (around my neighborhood at a faster pace) and an hour of swimming
8/20- 12 miles (around my neighborhood for 10 and then intervals of 400’s at Beverly Park)
8/21- 7 miles (around my neighborhood and 1 mile being hills)
8/22- 5 miles (around my neighborhood for 3 miles at a faster pace and then 2 miles of 200’s and 600’s) and an hour of swimming
8/23- 10 miles (around my neighborhood) and an hour of swimming.
8/24- 14 miles (around my neighborhood) (recovery pace)

Week 6 Mileage Total: 64 miles
Summer Total: 321 miles