Day Two records and redemption at USATF Juniors

EUGENE - Redemption and records were the big stories on the final day of the USATF Junior Outdoor Championships on a warm and breezy day at Hayward Field on the University of Oregon campus.
The 200 meters for both men and women produced fast finishes as high school sophomore Kaylin Whitney (Clermont, Florida) set a World Youth best (ages 15-17) in 22.49, and the soon-to-be Florida State University freshman Trentavis Friday (Gastonia, North Carolina) ran a wind-aided 20.03 (+2.9) for the fastest junior 200m time in any conditions.  
Whitney’s first three steps established her mission to distance herself from competitors as she emerged a leader before the curve and maintained an untouchable pace. 
Sunday’s junior men’s 200m victor, Friday, rebounded nicely from a false start disqualification in Saturday’s 100m final a he and Kendal Williams pulled away. Williams took a slight lead as the two came through the final 60 meters, but Friday sped ahead to finish ahead by .43 seconds.
Kendell Williams (Marietta, Georgia) set an American Junior record in the 100m hurdles to compliment her American junior records and multi-event NCAA titles in both indoor pentathlon and outdoor heptathlon. Williams finished in 12.87 for the new mark, which took down the 12.91 set by Kristi Castlin in 2007.
Charlie Ionata (Barrington, Rhode Island) of Wake Forest opened the men’s hammer throw competition with the winning toss on his first attempt. Ionata threw 67.70m/222-1, edging out Clarence Gallop (Providence, Rhode Island), whose second throw was his best at 67.66m/222-0. 
Desiree Freier (Fort Worth, Texas) was the high flier in women’s pole vault as she cleared her first three heights on first attempts. She won the title, going up and over her fifth height of 4.30m/14-1.25 on the first attempt. With no competitors remaining in the field, Frier attempted to overtake the current American junior record of 4.38.
With the fastest high school time in the nation, 3,000m steeplechaser Bailey Roth (Colorado Springs, Colorado), who finished seventh at at the 2013 World Youth Championships, overcame a stumble after the barrier with two laps to go. Bryce Miller (Ashland, Wisconsin) overtook a leading Roth midway through the final lap, but the two remained shoulder to shoulder on the final straightaway. With just 50m to go, Roth forced his way back to the front to win by a narrow margin of 9:03.92 to Miller’s 9:04.40. 
Kendall Baisden (Austin, Texas) - also the women’s junior 400m world leader this year - found her stride in turn three, catching a longer striding Shakima Wimbley (Coral Gables, Florida). Olivia Baker (South Orange, New Jersey) quietly emerged from the inside heading into the final straightaway as Baker and Baisden ran toe-to-toe for the finish. Baisden of the University of Texas inched ahead, crossing the finish in 52.21 with Baker, a 2013 World Youth silver medalist, finishing in 52.46. 
Nicholas Anderson (Orlando, Florida) from the University of Kentucky had the fastest time for American Junior this year  in the 110mH. Anderson and Isaiah Moore (Burlington, North Carolina) moved away from the pack with Theophile Viltz III (Long Beach, California) chasing their heels. Anderson took the title in 13.37 with Viltz III in second at 13.42 and Moore in a very close third at 13.44.
2011 World Youth Team member Tre'tez Kinnaird (Louisville, Kentucky) set a personal record of 1:48.01 in the men’s 800m after leading early with Myles Marshall (Marietta, Georgia) just three strides behind him. Marshall, a recently named member of the U.S. Youth Olympic Team, fell slightly behind Derek Holdsworth (Williamsburg, Virginia), but Marshall worked his way back into second place nearing the final stretch. Kinnaird pushed through the last 20 meters with the lead, finishing first as a trailing Marshall was a close second at 1:48.43.
World Youth bronze medalist Raevyn Rogers (Houston, Texas) and Sabrina Southerland (Floral Park, New York) pulled away from the group heading into the last lap. Southerland made a move that only pushed Rogers to increase the pace into the final 200m. Rogers and Southerland finished in 2:04.40 and 2:04.83 respectively with Southerland never relenting her lead.
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Quotes from Day Two

Discus Throw – Women’s

Valerie Allman, winner

On her progression over her three years at USATF Juniors

“This is my third time at juniors. I started doing track & field my sophomore year of high school.

My coach took me to juniors and it completely opened my eyes to what throwing could be like. I had no idea that it was something I could pursue after high school. I remember being at that meet and seeing Shelby Vaughan throw and being like, oh my gosh, there is so much room to grow.”

“Last year was a tough year and it didn’t go as I was hoping, but after talking to my coach and my family I realized there was a lot that I could learn from the experience. It was a long wait to be able to go from that time to here now, but it was it was worth every moment of the training and the lifting.”

On qualifying for worlds

“I’m really excited to see how the world treats track and field because I’ve only seen it through the lens of the United States.”


Katelyn Daniels, 2nd place

On USATF Juniors

“This is the first time we decided to fly out (for USATF Juniors). I redshirted this year (at Michigan State).”

On today’s performance

“Discus was a little crazy today. I started with two fouls. It was just amazing to actually make the team. Normally the first or second (throw) is what solidifies finals for me. Today was very uncharacteristic of me and terrifying.”

On qualifying for worlds

“Going into worlds, it’s the biggest blessing (to qualify). I’m really appreciative. This meet was more about qualifying to worlds for me. I’m just going to try to enjoy the experience. It’s a once in a lifetime experience to get to do something like this. I’m going to try to enjoy it and perform my best.”


Triple Jump – Men’s

Nathaniel Moore, winner

“This is my first time at a meet like this and I’m just happy to be out here and be able to come out and compete against athletes of this caliber. So really I just want to be able to come out at the world meet and say that I represented my country well. That’s how I feel about my whole experience here.”


Hayden McClain, 2nd place

On plan for World Juniors

“I definitely want to jump 16 meters at least at the World Junior meet and there’s going to be a lot of different countries coming, so just being able to qualify and get the top 12 spot, that’s my first goal, and from there try to just place top eight, and maybe even better than that, you know top three.”


Hammer Throw – Men’s

Charlie Ionata, winner

“Feels great. It’s been a dream of mine for a while and it feels great to finally (get the chance to) compete at a world event.”

“I got to compete against a lot of guys that I competed against in high school so it was great seeing them, Clarence being one of them. One of my old friends from high school so it was a lot of fun.”

On making Team USA:

“I’m super excited. The World Cup got me feeling nationalistic and I’m super excited to represent Team USA.”


Clarence Gallop, 2nd place

On making the U.S. team

“Feels great. It’s something I’ve been working on all year long and I had some throws that could have been really big and pushed it far but I made the team and it’s all that matters. I just want to thank my coaches for pushing me far and trying to get it together and we finally made it here and finally got the job done. It’s all we could ask for.”


Pole Vault – Women’s

Desiree Freier, winner

On making it World Juniors

“I feel amazing. To be able to come out here and get first was my goal.”

On training for World Juniors

“No, (I’ll) just try to maintain everything. I’m back on track. My run was off a couple of weeks ago, but everything is falling back into place, so just trying to maintain it.”

On her first time at Hayward Field

“It’s nice. The track’s really fast and the crowd’s really good.”


Bonnie Draxler, 2nd place

On making the World Junior team

“I feel great. I made it last year (onto the Pan Am team), so that was my main goal, just to try to make it again.”

On her first time at Hayward Field

“It was really fun, so I’m excited to come back.”


3000 Steeple – Women’s

Elinor Purrier, winner

On being able to enjoy the water jump

“Maybe the first two laps, but other than that it was pretty warm from the sun.”

On her experience at USATF Juniors

“It’s been pretty fun because I got come with my teammates. I’ve been to Oregon before, so we been looking around a little bit more, seeing some things that I didn’t get to see before. We went to a rodeo two nights ago, and it was a lot of fun. I live on a farm so we go to field days and stuff, but nothing like that. I liked the bronco riding.”


Hope Schmelzle, 2nd place

On the weather

It’s definitely more of a dry heat here (in Eugene) as opposed to the humidity in the midwest.


On her race

“My legs just felt a little tired and I kind of locked up. I’ve had races like that before. It’s just the way it goes sometimes. You try to push and you try to go faster, but your legs just aren’t letting you do that. It was tough for me mentally. I was kind of upset about it. With the steeple you get the benefit of the water jump and you can hear the splashes behind you. So, I got to judge based on that and thought, ‘man, I really got to get going if I want to make this team,’ which was my ultimate goal. Obviously, winning was the ultimate goal, but (making the team) was still icing on the cake.”

On World Juniors

“The chance to be able to represent my country is an awesome opportunity. I’m so excited to see what’s in store for me, and have Elinor as my teammate on the world team.”


400 Meters – Women’s

Kendall Baisden, winner

“I think that it went pretty well. This will be my last World Juniors. I really wanted to come out here and be able to make the team and I was happy that I was able to do that.”


Olivia Baker, 2nd place

“I feel awesome. This was the goal. I really wanted to come and make the team and it’s especially a bonus getting to run an individual event and not just getting to run a relay. So now I get the opportunity to compete and run an individual race and a relay.”


400 Meters – Men’s

Tyler Brown, winner

“It’s been a long time coming. I really only wanted just 4th place for sure to actually say that I made the World team. Mike and Lamar are really great runners. It’s tough to think that I could actually stick with them and I just really had to dig deep coming around the turn and try to keep up and sure enough we pulled each other through the line, so we can have a really sick 4x400. " 

On competing at Hayward

“Seeing as this round two for me, I competed at NCAA’s for our relay. Home track advantage, I'm gonna use the most of that as I can. It’s a great track to be on, I don’t know anywhere else in the world where I really want to go. It’s kind of surprising that I’m standing coming here three times in one summer, but it’s not like it’s a bad track. I love coming here, the atmosphere, great talents. There’s nothing like how it is in Michigan. It’s a great experience.”

On picking USATF Juniors over Junior Olympic regionals

“Team USA is the only team I wanted to compete for. I was willing to give up my 4th of July to try to be on Team USA.”


Lamar Bruton, 2nd place

“It’s truly a blessing. I’m so excited because last year I got third so I made the team, but I was only doing the relay. So I was so excited to finally be in the individual 400.”

“I think the field is going to be great, because we have that home atmosphere here. It’s going to be great to compete at the world level in our own country with all of our fans here at Track Town USA.

“I was primarily focused on this competition so I could make the team. Now I will look at the international competition. I kind of had my eye on the guys that I was going to compete against to work my way up the ladder.”


Shot Put – Men’s

Braheme Days, Jr., winner

When the day started I was really nervous. I spoke to my coach, some of the other guys, and my Mom. They just said to calm and not let your nerves get the best of you. With their help I was able to calm down and get to work.

“I had never been to Eugene. It really is something special. It has something to do with the stadium, with the seats even…wooden stadium seats that are really comfortable, even that contributes to the atmosphere. I really appreciated the opportunity to compete here. I thought it was great.”

“Anytime you get the opportunity for another throw, you’re going after it like it’s your last. For most guys out here there’s no such thing as a cushion. In the field we had today, anybody could have jumped up and done something special. Most athletes that are dedicated to it know It’s a privilege to be able to compete and you want to give it your all like it’s your last.”

“Being able to don that (Team USA) singlet and represent your country is something special. Not a lot of people get to do it. I’m looking forward to being a part of something that is special because we’re from different part of the country and we’re going to bond as a team.”


Amir Ali Patterson, 2nd place

On his road here and overcoming missing his senior track season due to eligibility issues

“I love track and field. I love shot put, I love discus, I love hammer, I love javelin. I love being around this sport. When I found out that I couldn’t throw anymore, of course I kept training, but it took a few weeks to get back up to speed. You can’t let these people that look up to you see you defeated. I didn’t want that to happen.”


110-Meter Hurdles

Nick Anderson, winner

On the race

“I knew it was going to be a good final. I just wanted to live up to it.”

On competing at USATF Juniors and Hayward Field

“So far, since is my first time here, I love the experience. The crowd is nice and I knew the competition would be great. The crowd is awesome, they cheer for everything, and it makes you feel a lot better and gives you a lot of energy.”

On wearing the U.S. uniform at Worlds

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, represent my country. It means the world to me. To represent my country mean a lot.”

On preparing for worlds

“(I will try to) keep to myself and not overthink anything and take one step at a time for each race.”


Theophile (Hassan) Viltz, 2nd place

On the technical aspects of his race

“Usually it’s like I’m getting out of control, like I’m going so fast. What people don’t know is that you can go too fast in the hurdles (because) you will start running up on the hurdle. You have to stay clean, you have to stay down, and get your trail leg going on. I may have clipped a few, but it was much more clean, and I felt in control.”


100-Meter Hurdles

Kendell Williams, winner

On making the World Juniors team

“I’m excited. I’m excited that I was able to run such a fast time in the final and I’m looking forward to World Juniors.”

“I think I need to focus on my start, obviously, the start of the race, but other than that, just maintaining the same technique. I think my technique was a lot better in the final than the prelims, so to fix the start is what I need to work on.”

On if she’s looked at other WJC competitors

“Not really. Just mainly trying to focus on this meet. Dior (Hall) was my biggest competition here, so I’m going to look forward to seeing who’s out there in the world.”


Dior Hall, 2nd place

“I feel relieved. I just give all glory to God. Kendell, throughout the whole race was pushing me, so I had a lot of competition, but my goal was to just get top two and make the team.”

On her time of 13.00 and goal of running sub-12 seconds

“It’s a great feeling. I feel really confident going into college now. I’m so close to getting 12, but it wasn’t my job to get 12 here, but to make the team so I can get 12 when the World Championships happen.”

On training to get to this level

“We’ve been working on the same stuff—keeping my lead leg bent, pulling my trail leg, getting a better rhythm. Also, we’ve been noticing that (for) my last three hurdles I tend to shut down, so we’ve actually been trying to drill a lot on that. I hope I get it before I compete in two weeks.”


High Jump – Men’s

Jonathan Wells, winner

“I’m feeling good. It’s just a blessing being out here. The competition was great, the guys were great, it was just a lovely day today.”

On adjustments for World Juniors

“Just getting comfortable with this track. It’s a little bit different, a little bit narrow, not like when I usually jump at seven feet. So just getting comfortable with my markings and I think we’ll be good out here.”


Landon Bartel, t-2nd place

“I’m excited. I’m looking forward to all of the opportunities that I could get and it’s a great way to show my faith to others and show what I can do with the ability that God has given me. I just hope that I can continue to do well.”


Justin Kretchmer, t-2nd place

“It’s been kind of a rough year, trying to figure everything out and perfecting everything. But hopefully I’ll just come back next season and have a good year for Kentucky and be back here for Nationals.”


800 Meters – Women’s

Raevyn Rodgers, winner

“It feels good. Coming to school early, I got to feel the track and do some workouts. Right now, my summer track coaches are Devon Mitchell and Ashley Mitchell. But once I’m here (for school), I’m assuming Coach Powell will help out as well.”

“My coach actually did something different. She went to a lot of training camps for coaches and got some workouts and I got to do these in summer workouts and school. It was a little early but it helped me for summer.”


Sabrina Southerland, 2nd place

“I didn’t really know what to expect but there are pretty good girls in here like Raevyn, she’s pretty good. First or second was fine with me. As long as I made it. It was a fight out there but it was pretty fun.”

“I kind of regretted not doing (USATF Juniors) last year, but I’m glad to be doing it now so it was a great experience.”


On World Juniors

“I’m just gonna put in all the work that I can put in for the race and hope that it turns out well.”


800 Meters – Men’s

Tre’tez Kinnaird, winner

On making the WJ team

"I feel really excited, feel like I got something accomplished, and I did what I came here to do."

"I don't think I'll have to do anything too drastic for me to get ready for Worlds because the goal was just coming in to qualify and if I have to run an insanely fast time I'll do it, but I'll just settle for the win and get ready. It's all about recovery right now. I've had a really long season. I've been racing since December, so it's nice to kind of finally relax and have a little down time."


Myles Marshall, 2nd place

"I feel pretty good about it. I ran a PR, so that's even better. Making the team was a goal of mine but I also came out here to have fun and I definitely did that. It's great to be out here."

"There's a lot of rounds, so I'm sure my parents will make me do more back-to-back workouts…hard, fast speed stuff. I'll probably work on my strength so I'm able to really feel comfortable going through the rounds."


400-Meter Hurdles – Men’s

Timothy Holmes, winner

“I just want to thank God for letting me run a great outdoor season this year and keeping me healthy because I kept getting hurt a lot during indoor. I’ve been healthy and ben able to run fast times outdoors this year. My coach has been working a lot with me on my switch because I used to jump way up high but now it’s a little lower and makes my time drop down a lot. Today I actually ran better than I did at nationals because I did the switch at about hurdle eight and I usually switch at six. So I’m really happy about that.”


Javelin Throw – Women’s

Megan Glasmann, winner

On the last year having a rough transition into collegiate track and field

“I thought going into college I would continue to thrive and I found going to Stanford wasn’t the best fit for me. I was released several weeks ago and I came to this meet unattached. I actually had a stress injury in my foot, so I took some time off and came into this meet just hoping to hit a good mark. It was incredible being out there and feeling like I was me again.”

On her feelings about competing at USATF Juniors

“I was out to prove something to myself, to my family, and to everyone out there, but mostly myself. I had felt like I was losing the sport because it was the wrong rhythm for me all this year. Coming out here and feeling one again, just the javelin and me, no longer the javelin as one thing and I’m throwing it. Just going down the runway and it releases and you watch it and it’s like wow!”


Rebekah Wales, 2nd place

On competing at USATF Juniors

“I went out really relaxed because I’ve been to this meet before and I had nothing to lose. So, I just went out there and threw my hardest.”

On her NCAA experience vs USATF Juniors

“I felt more pressure at this because I was supposed to do well, but at NCAA’s, I was coming in as a low seed.”


400-Meter Hurdles – Women’s

Shamier Little, winner

On making Team USA

“It’s exciting. I waited two years for this meet ever since I qualified last time. I’m excited to get that title and get in first again. I didn’t PR and I wish I would have, but I went out there and I ran my race and did what I was supposed to do.”

“It was some great competition. I was surprised by the freshman, Sydney McLaughlin. I can tell she’s really going to be great. She gave me a push at the end.”


Sydney McLaughlin, 2nd place

On running PRs in the last five finals she has run

“(I’ve been focusing on) picking up my knees and staying close to the line and practicing the seventh hurdle a little bit. It just helps me get my times lower and run better races.”

On competing at USATF Juniors, but being too young to compete at worlds.

“It taught me to run for fun and run my own race for time.”

On her thoughts about running the number two best high school time and being close to the record.

“No, absolutely not. I didn’t even think I would PR, but I did and I’m really proud of it.”


Long Jump – Women’s

Jazmin McCoy, winner

On making the WJ team

“I was nervous out there, but I’m happy. I really am. I didn’t know I got first until they started handing me the medal.”

On today’s performance

“The more nervous I am or the more adrenaline that’s coming through me, I do better, so I really wanted to get the first one off, and I’m happy it carried me far enough. That’s what my goal was.”

On home-field advantage

“It’s familiar, but I’m going to be nervous because there’s going to be so much good competition out there, but I do good when there’s a bunch of competition and I’m the underdog, so I’m kind of excited for it, to see what happens.”

On preparing for WJ

“I’m just gonna focus on my landing because I have so much more to give but I just keep messing up my landing.”


Quanesha Burks, 2nd place

On making the WJ team

“(I’m) excited. It’s a blessing because this was my goal, but just to have it now is a blessing.”

On today’s performance

“It was great. I started off almost with my PR, with 6.29, so I knew it was going to be a great trek from the beginning.”

On competing at Hayward for the first time

“(I) was nervous. I was excited, but this time, coming around for USATF Juniors, I would just calm my nerves down and focus.”


1,500 Meters – Men’s

Patrick Joseph, winner

“It’s an honor, it’s a surreal experience coming to Hayward for the first time, getting to race against these guys. Grant did a great job. I didn’t even know that he was behind me but he pulled it off. I’m excited that I got at least 3:50 in the final. It was a slow race coming out but I pulled through at the end.”

“The tactic was to stay on the rail just in front somehow but not too far behind. I knew I could run with them no matter what, so I just wanted to make them run extra so I stayed in the middle of the lane making them work as hard as they could and do something they hadn’t done before.”


Grant Fisher, 2nd place

“The race was pretty tactical today. (It was a) good thing for me, and the race did get bunched up for bit and I was caught on the rail for a while. A gap opened up and I managed to slip out but if that gap hadn’t formed, there might have been some panicking to try to get out.”


1,500 Meters – Women’s

Alexa Efraimson, winner

On her strategy

If there were other people pushing the pace I would have held back into the second or third position, but it went out slow, so I just ended up taking the lead.

On her advice to other high school runners

One of the things I’ve definitely learned this season is just staying in the moment and really focusing on what you can do that particular day. I like to take each meet as a step at a time. Even though (world) juniors was my goal for the outdoor season I really tried to focus on each meet to be able get to that point. So really staying in the moment, but having fun while you’re there (is my advice).


Elise Cranny, 2nd place

On the race

I thought it was a good race, Alexa really changed her pace in the last 400m. I think I should have tried to go a little sooner. I waited too long and the last 100m (Alexa) just had another gear. I think that if I would have changed gears sooner it might have been a little closer in the last 100m.

On making a move with 300m to go

I did (want to make a move), but I didn’t want to waste too much energy going around her because she definitely picked it up a lot and it was a little bit windy on the backstretch.

On coming up with Mary Cain and Alexa Efraimson and being 1-2-3 all-time in the 1500m

All of us owe a lot to Mary (Cain). I don’t think Alexa and I would be running that fast, because I think that she showed us that we can run faster. It keeps going down the line and inspires everyone.


3000 Steeple – Men’s

Bailey Roth, winner

On making the WJ team

“It’s sort of a mixed emotion honestly. I expected to come out here and run a clean race. My goal is obviously to stay up and make sure that I don’t fall, but unexpectedly, I fell. It definitely was a real big surprise and came out of nowhere. At that point I realized that— I didn’t want to let the fall slow me down too much, and I just tried to stay on my pace as much as possible. Although, this is my first time doing the 3000m steeplechase, which is a lot harder now than I realized. To get up and go harder from an unexpected fall like that, it took a lot out of me honestly, so the last few laps were hard. I definitely started to get a little worried about the time—qualifying—but I had to just buckle down and toughen up and see what I could do. The guy came up on me hard and I tried to respond as best I could. But it really took a lot out of me, falling like that, so I’m just glad I came back with a win. In the end it’s a championship race and that’s what matters.”

On being fairly new to steeplechase

“This is my second season doing steeplechase. ...This is my first time ever doing the 3000m steeplechase, ever….About a month ago I did the 2000m steeplechase and I broke the US all-time national record. So, definitely a bigger, harder race if I can say anything, from the 2000 to the 3000.”

On competing at Hayward Field

“I’ve been doing USATF since I was really little, so I think I ran here and actually won the 1500m national title when I was eight so, it kind of has this special vibe to it to me. I wanted to come out here and do my best and go for a PR and all that fun stuff. I definitely didn’t expect to trip but it happens to everybody. At least I got that out of the way and hopefully it won’t happen next time.”


Bryce Miller, 2nd place

On making the WJ team

“I am stoked. We’ve been talking about this race and building it up for the past, pretty much 9 months, since I’ve been in college. Coach brought it up to me during cross-country season and I thought it was a great idea, and once I figured out that I was pretty good at the steeple, coming into this race was just an honor, and to make the USA team—I can’t wait to represent my country with Bailey (Roth) who won the race. It’s going to be a great experience.”

On today’s performance

“From indoor season, going all the way past outdoor season and into the summer, it’s a really long season, and we’ve had to take a couple active recovery weeks—around every other day—and I feel like those help me a lot. But getting to this particular race, I was feeling a little run down. It’s a long season but to run 9:04 or whatever I did, it was great. I’ve been running 9:14 at regionals this year, about a month ago. With a couple of training weeks in between there, I’ve felt stronger at this race, I felt that I could compete well, and I’m stoked for my performance of getting second.”

On watching the international competition

“I haven’t really studied up on any international competition but I know for sure there are going to be some very good competitors and I can’t wait to put my best foot forward with my other teammate and represent USA well.”


200 Meters – Women’s

Kaylin Whitney, winner

On being surprised by record times

“I think more this one (surprised me) than the 100 because my PR before this one was just 22.8 so by that much. Yeah it was insane. I’m so happy right now.”

On executing at World Juniors

“Sky’s the limit, you can only go up from here. Take all this in stride and training at home and bringing it out in a few weeks when I come back.”

On making team

“It’s awesome. Yesterday, it was awesome to make it, but I came for two so to make it in both events is amazing. It’s the cherry on top.”

On making Team USA

“It’s going to be awesome. It really helps me get closer to that dream of being on the Olympic Team one day.”


Jada Martin, 2nd place

On making team

“It’s exciting because its my first world team.”

On having already competed at Hayward Field

“It’s helpful, just so we can know where the marks are and gauge the track.”

On making Team USA

“I’m going to be overwhelmed. It’s going to be very exciting.”


200 Meters – Men’s

Trentavis Friday, winner

“It was scary for a second because when we were coming down at the last five meters I saw 19 so I just went for it. At the same time, I wasn’t trying to come out here and make history. I was just trying to make the team. I couldn’t do it for the 100m but I made up for it and got my redemption today.”


Kendal Williams, 2nd place

“I’m ecstatic. I qualified yesterday in the 100m but to come back today in the 200 and get an all-conditions PR and watch my teammate Trentavis go out and almost bust 19, that was pretty crazy.”


5,000 Meters – Women’s

Audrey Belf, winner

“I was really excited to get first. It was my first win on a national scale. I’m disappointed that it’s a little hot, but I’ll try again next year to try and get it again.”

“I love coming out here and competing and being pushed to the highest level possible. I love running against people who have posted better times, it just really helps all of us.”

“The winter made me a lot stronger with the snow, so I’m really excited to take a break for a little bit and just really hit it hard for cross country season.”

On standard

“I was not sure about what to do in the middle of the race, but I had to learn from the high level experiences and take that in and really learn it again.”


10,000 Meters – Men’s

Jonathon Green, winner

On race strategy

“My coaches told me to make a move around 1200m to go, but to just tuck in from (the start). I was able to stay on the rail and relax. (My coaches) helped me quite a bit because this is my first 10k ever. The training I’ve had at Georgetown has been awesome in keeping my fitness really, really high. I was looking up at the jumbotron and looking at who was in the race.”

On preparing for worlds

“Obviously, I’m excited to represent my country. I’ve looked forward to this for a long time. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Georgetown. My coaches got me here, so they will get me prepared for worlds.”


Brendan Shearn, 2nd place

On the East Coast rivalry between him and Jonathon Green from Georgetown

“Me and Jonathon (Green) go back a few years. We’ve competed at Foot Locker meets against each other. We’ve become friends, we know each other, and we go back and forth quite a bit.”

“It kind of (went) back and forth for the first mile. We ended up settling in at a little bit slower pace. It was really tough because my season has gone on for a long time. I was starting to really feel it toward the end of the race. I didn’t even know if I would be able to finish the race. Since I was in a good position I had to keep going and see what I could do at the end. I knew I had to give it everything just to get in (to worlds). I tried to make a move on Jonathon, but he had a bit of a gap on me, so I tried to just finish out strong.”

On making the world team

“To run on a world team is an amazing feeling and I’m so grateful for this opportunity.”