Dorian Ulrey Talks About The Importance Of Vitamins

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Dorian Ulrey was the 2010 NCAA DI indoor national champion in the 3000m, running 8:10.52. Ulrey was an athlete at the University of Northern Iowa before transferring to the University of Arkansas. With the Razorbacks he was an 11-time All-American. Professionally, he competed for Brooks Beast. He ran at the 2009 World Championships and has a PR of 3:35.23 for 1500m. Below is a conversation recirculated from a FloTrack interview with Ulrey in 2015.

Why Supplements Are Important 

We hear a lot about supplements . . . why are supplements important? And are there any specific ones that work for you? 

"They're the easiest way to get that nutrient in or that supplement. They're basically a cheat sheet for lazy cookers like myself. So if you're not getting in your nutrients, pop a pill. It's a way to supplement some things that are really hard to get naturally from food, or you just don't get very much of it from a food substance. So you might have to eat 50 heads of lettuce a day to get what you're looking for, or you could take two pills. You could sit outside for 15 minutes a day to get your vitamin D, but maybe you live in Seattle and that's not possible, so you take a pill."

How Vitamins Have Helped Him 

"I think it's just easy and it can put your mind at ease about getting [in] the nutrients that you need. I just know personally from my experience if I start to ignore those things I start to kind of shut down. My energy will wane if I'm not taking my [vitamin] D; my colds and my allergies will come back if I'm not taking my zinc. My body is not recovering from workouts the same way if I'm not taking my protein supplement after a workout. It's all very important because these are things your body needs, things your body craves. Then you go as an individual and find the ones that work best for you."