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Team: Portland Jesuit (OR)

Analysis: There's no doubt this is a big year for Jesuit. The Class 6A champions in Oregon earned an auto qualifier to NXN by finishing second at NXR Northwest and then finished 15th at nationals. Led by senior Makenna Schumacher, the team has high expectations in 2018. On paper, the team remains dangerous, with an average 5K of 17:57.90 and a 1-to-5 split of just 60 seconds. Read below for more info on one of the Northwest's top teams in 2018. 

Probable Top Seven: 

  • Makenna Schumacher, senior: Jesuit's top runner of 2018, she was fourth at the 6A-2 Metro Champs, first in Oregon's Class 6A state title race, 37th at NXR Northwest and ninth at Border Clash. She ran a top time of 17:35.22 on the season. 
  • Alexis Kebbe, junior: She ran a 5K best of 17:40.75 at the 6A-2 Metro Champs, was third in the state championships and 16th at NXR Northwest. 
  • Hallie Devore, senior: She ran a best of 18:30.50 at the 6A-2 Metro League Champs and was 32nd at the state championship in Oregon. 
  • Elizabeth Rinck, senior: She was 13th at state, 27th at NXR Northwest and 12th at Border Clash. She ran a top time of 18:31.90 on the season. 
  • Greta Anderson, senior: She was 11th at the 6A-2 Metro Champs, 30th at state, 103rd at NXR Northwest and a finisher at NXN. She ran a season best of 18:36.36. 
  • Libby Rinck, senior: She ran a best of 19:15.40 on the season at NXN. 

- - - 

Jesuit coach Tom Rothenberger, in his 37th year coaching the boys and girls programs at Jesuit, answered some questions ahead of the 2018 season. 

What's your meet schedule: 

  • Sept. 5: Aloha, Beaverton @ Jesuit
  • Sept. 8: Ash Creek XC Festival
  • Sept. 12: OES Invite
  • Sept. 21: Meriwether National XC
  • Sept. 29: Nike Twilight XC/Nike Portland XC
  • Oct. 3: Jesuit, Southridge @ Mountainside
  • Oct. 5: Flat & Fast Invitational
  • Oct. 12: Champoeg Invitaitonal
  • Oct. 17: Westview, Jesuit @ Sunset
  • Oct. 24: 6A-2 Metro League Championships
  • Nov. 3: OSAA Championships
  • Nov. 10: NXR Northwest
  • Dec. 1: NXN

How has summer training been different for your team in 2018 as opposed to year's past (or how has training changed even in the last five years, as compared to the last decade) What are the small differences in training that you've seen this offseason?  

Training over the past few years has seen some modifications. We spend most of the summer and early fall focused on "building the engine" (i.e. aerobic capacity ) of our runners. Lots of "training run" days. We changed our terms from hard run and easy run to "training run" for most every day during the off season. Truth be told, they simply need to gradually increase their volume of running and run the best pace they can each training run. Nothing we were doing in the past during the summer, or now during the summer, is so hard that they really need easy recovery days (jogging days). This change in language has helped kids focus on "building the engine." More scientific words would be to raise their anaerobic threshold. The goal is to get to the point they can run a 5-7 mile training run at a pace within 20-30 of goal 5k pace. When they maximize that, we turn the corner and start doing more specific anaerobic, and VO2 max type of training.  Much of it is done in a fartlek format for XC.

"Our focus is on process. We have committed ourselves to embracing the lifestyle of being an athlete and a runner. Doing the right things each day and believe in the end this will give us the greatest satisfaction and the best opportunity to be at our best at the right time of the season."

Which athletes do you see as the probable top five this season? 
  • Makenna Schumacher
  • Libby Rinck
  • Alexis Kebbe
  • Hallie Devore
  • Chloe Foerster (incoming freshman...State Middle school champion, 4:31-1500/2:08 - 800)

 Others challenging for Varsity

  • Olivia Silenzi
  • Zoe Quach
  • Greta Anderson

Who are your team captains or leaders?

Makenna Schumacher, Libby Rinck, Alexis Kebbe

Based on your finish at state, region and NXN last year, how has your team continued to work toward new goals this fall? 

Our focus is on process. We have committed ourselves to embracing the lifestyle of being an athlete and a runner. Doing the right things each day and believe in the end this will give us the greatest satisfaction and the best opportunity to be at our best at the right time of the season. Not lots of talk about placing, but that's an unspoken goal to do very well at state/regionals/ and hopefully at NXN.

What are some principle workouts your team does during the season? 

Nothing specific to share here. Each team is different. Our girls are older and more experienced while the boys are younger.  As I described earlier, much of the season will be spent on building the engine. Tempo running, threshold workouts. Mid- and late-season we will introduce some interval workouts in the form of fartlek training.  And we will not shy away from the track during XC season. We will do some quality training right on the track, even though it is XC season.

"We have created a culture where runners want to be part of "the pack"/"the clan"/ "the family"

What's one belief you've leaned on over the last 36 years coaching high school athletics, and why has that been important each year? 

  • 1. Make Personal contact with each athlete each day
  • 2. Teach Independence in your athletes
  • 3. Be organized and prepared each day; never "wing it." Have a reason/purpose for every workout, every day.
  • 4. Share your passion for this great sport. If you lack the passion, go find something else you have passion for.

What will be the biggest reason why your team is successful this season? 

Paying attention to the little things between practices that will help us maximize our improvement each day at practice--sleep, stretching, roll recovery, hydration, diet, etc.

What will be the biggest obstacle or challenge facing your team this season? 

Learning how to execute "our" race plan in the midst of a pack of 200 talented runners and staying focused on how we race best. Not getting distracted by focusing on other runners and teams. Focus on ourselves and our execution.

How has your team's culture changed in the 36 years since you began coaching at Jesuit?

Wow. That is a huge question. My simple answer is: We have created a culture where runners want to be part of "the pack"/"the clan"/ "the family"... you choose the term. Younger kids see the team (the "dirty dozen"  "the committed crew") and they want to be part of that and are willing to do what is necessary to get there. The answer is simple: SHOW UP!!!! daily and get better.  We look to find 12 boys and boys girls each year who have "bought in" to the lifestyle.   

What are your top three goals for the team this fall? 

  •  Show up every day
  • Improve daily
  • Do the little things between workouts to be ready.

 The results will take care of themselves if we do this.

 - - - 

Top Returning 5K Times Based On The 2017 Season

2Jesuit (OR)
1) Kelsey Gripekoven17:31.12
2) Makenna Schumacher17:35.22
3) Alexis Kebbe17:40.75
4) Hallie Devore18:30.50
5) Elizabeth Rinck18:31.90
Average Time: 17:57.90 Total Time: 1:29:49.49 1-5 Split: 1:00.78
6) Greta Anderson18:36.36
7) Libby Rinck19:15.40

Top Returning 1500m Times Based On The 2018 Season

1Jesuit (OR)
1) Makenna Schumacher4:37.27
2) Hallie Devore4:45.91
3) Elizabeth Rinck4:50.50
4) Paige Grant4:51.61
5) Alexis Kebbe4:52.78
Average Time: 4:47.61 Total Time: 23:58.07 1-5 Split: 15.51
6) Olivia Silenzi4:56.33
7) Ella Nelson5:00.70

Top Returning 3000m Times Based On The 2018 Season

2Jesuit (OR)
1) Makenna Schumacher9:57.99
2) Elizabeth Rinck10:09.20
3) Alexis Kebbe10:12.59
4) Olivia Silenzi10:33.58
5) Hallie Devore10:47.41
Average Time: 10:20.15 Total Time: 51:40.77 1-5 Split: 49.42
6) Zoe Quach10:50.68
7) Cara Thompson11:00.82

- - - 

Aug. 14 -- Cardinal Gibbons (NC)


Aug. 14  -- Bozeman (MT)


Aug. 14 -- Mountain View (ID)


Aug. 14 -- Fort Wayne Carroll (IN)


Aug. 14 -- Farmington (MN)


Aug. 15 -- North Central (WA)


Aug. 16 -- Saratoga Springs (NY)


Aug. 17 -- Bishop Guertin (NH)


Aug. 18 -- Muskego (WI)


Aug. 19 -- Blacksburg (VA)


Aug. 20 -- Pine Crest (FL)


Aug. 21 -- Buchanan (CA)


Aug. 22 -- Liverpool (NY)


Aug. 23 -- Battle Mountain (CO)


Aug. 24 -- Yorkville (IL)


Aug. 25 -- Edina (MN)


Aug. 26 -- Lone Peak (UT)


Aug. 27 -- Claremont (CA)


Aug. 28 -- Centerville (OH) 


Aug. 29 -- Jesuit (OR)


Aug. 30 -- Fayetteville-Manlius (NY)


Aug. 30 -- Naperville North (IL)


Aug. 30 -- Great Oak (CA)


Aug. 30 -- Wayzata (MN)


Aug. 30 -- Mountain Vista (CO)


Aug. 31

Final Rankings