Jordan Hasay Workout Episode 16 Back On Track

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Note: This workout is from 2009, Jordan Hasay's senior year of high school. Eight years later, Hasay ran 2:23:00 for third place at the 2017 Boston Marathon. That makes her the fastest American debut marathoner ever and the No. 5 American marathoner ever in all conditions. Our original workout description appears below.

It's coming to the end of an era: Jordan Hasay's senior year. She has goals on her mind and things to accomplish, but there has been setbacks over the past few months. She missed her last Arcadia meet where she had hoped to set the National 3200 meter record (9:48). She missed the indoor national record at 2 miles. This is really the first season Jordan has been hampered with illness. However, things are getting back on track. Jordan ran the 1500 this past weekend at the Payton Jordan Invite against some of the top elite and collegiate girls in the country. Her time of 4:16.80 was only 2.3 seconds shy of her national high school record. With the guidance of Coach Mando, things seem to be looking up and Jordan Hasay is back on the move. 

Original Workout:

  • 3x1200 - 3mins recovery
  • 4-6x200 - 1min recovery

Modified Workout:

  • 800-1200-800-800 -- 3mins recovery
  • 6x200 - 1min recovery


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