MileSplit LIVE: Ohio Indoor States & Wild Florida Weekend Ahead

Catch up with our latest episode of MileSplit LIVE

0:20: #MileSplitDunkChallenge Winner

1:03: Introducing interview subject Josh Hoey

1:39: The decision to go to Boston

2:33: Were you going for more than a state record?

3:22: What was the strategy in the race?

4:02: Did you have to get physical in the field at all? 

4:46: What did you have left in the final 200m?

5:33: Did the crowd realize what you accomplished after you finished?

6:40: What kind of effort was this for you?

7:21: Did you have to ratify the race at all? 

7:38: Progression in the 800m?

8:30: Miler or 800m? 

8:52: What did you eat before the race

9:24: Wild weekend, highlighted by Hoey

10:26: Still take Hoey in the mile? 

11:02: DeMatha Catholic's big weekend in the sprints

12:42: Big Virginia state indoor performance from Hannah Waller

13:36 Scott Thompson doing big things in Tennessee

14:00: EJ Richardson throws down in Virginia

15:00: Ohio's State Indoor Championship Preview

17:29: Sam Burley Classic Preview

20:01: Texas Distance Festival 5K Tease

21:25: National Performers Of The Week

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