Meet Information

Competition Opens March 16 culminating in
National Championship Event at Legendary Hayward Field June 25th

From March 14 - June 5 all track & field clubs are invited to compete in the virtual competition at Coaches will update marks weekly to see how their squad ranks against state, regional, and national competition. Upon completion of the virtual competition, the top club in each of eight regions will automatically qualify for Nike Track Nationals competition in Eugene, Oregon on June 25th, and the next four highest scoring clubs from any region will round out the twelve team field.

Clubs will compete in ten track and field events including: 100m, 110/100m Hurdles, 400m, 800m, Mile, Long Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, Shot Put, Discus Throw. Each team is allowed to enter their top mark for each event, with a two-event maximum per individual athlete. Those marks will then be scored in decathlon fashion with performance marks awarded a point score. Although competition consists of ten events, the lowest scoring event will be dropped, making the total score the sum of their best nine events. The highest score takes homes the crown.

March 16 - Online competition begins at
May 23 - Must be registered
June 5 - Last day marks will be accepted
June 6 - National qualifiers announced / final standings released
June 25 - National Championships in Eugene, Oregon

* Marks will be accepted from outdoor competition between March 14, 2011 and June 5, 2011 from in season or post season competition, USATF sanctioned or HS sanctioned events.

* altitude conversions will be applied to marks at or above 2,000ft.

-Coaches please submit actual time and click altitude button upon submission (Your mark will be automatically converted).
* Athletes are eligible to compete in a maximum of 2 events.

* clubs must compete at nationals with athletes you qualify with

* A maximum of one allowable substitute per team - by petition only (subs must have mark in substituted event)

* All marks will be accepted for the virtual competition and weekly rankings. However, in order for clubs to qualify for the national meet, only FAT (Fully Automatic Time) marks will be accepted for scoring purposes in all running events.

* 12 boys clubs and 12 girls clubs qualify for nationals

* 1 automatic qualifier per region (Northwest, California, Heartland, Midwest, Southwest, South, Northeast, Southeast)

-Next 4 highest scoring clubs regardless of region will round out the 12 qualifiers
* in the event of a tie between 2 or more clubs, the qualifying club will be the one with the highest number of head to head superior marks in the 10 events.

Also new in 2011 will be the recognition and award to the top boys program and top girls program in each state. Upon completion of the virtual meet at, Nike will announce these State leading programs and award a Nike Track Nationals State Championship trophy and Nike gift card awarded to coaches.

In partnership with the USA Track and Field Junior Track and Field Championships, new to Nike Track Nationals in 2011 will be the addition of individuals. Individuals can qualify one of two ways.
-One: Nike will offer travel grants and competition attire through USA Track and Field to the top 10 boys and top 10 girls overall point scorers, in the 10 Nike Track Nationals events via the virtual meet at By selecting the top 10 point-scoring performances, the meet is guaranteed to see the 10 best high school Track and Field athletes in the country; regardless of event.
-Two: Nike will also invite the top 5 individual athletes in each of the following events:
1500m (5 boys and 5 girls)
3000m (5 girls only)
5000m (5 boys only)

* Due to the infrequent running of the 3000m and 5000m within the high school season, 3200m times will be used to select the participants in these events. 3000m times will be converted using a standard conversion.

* The same qualification dates and times that apply to club teams also apply to individuals.

* In both scenarios, individuals will compete in the USA Track and Field Junior Championship meet and within this meets schedule (link).

* These individual athletes must also obtain the qualification standards required by USA Track and Field (link) and meet the age requirements determined by USA Track and Field (link).


2011 Tentative Meet Schedule

6:30 Girls Discus
6:50 Boys Shot Put
7:15 Girls Pole Vault
7:15 Boys Pole Vault
7:20 Girls High Jump
7:20 Boys High Jump
7:20 Girls 100M Hurdles
7:30 Boys 110M Hurldes
7:30 Girls Long Jump
7:30 Boys Long Jump
7:35 Girls 400M
7:40 Boys 400M
7:50 Girls 800M
7:55 Boys 800M
7:55 Boys Discus
8:00 Girls Shot Put
8:05 Girls 100M
8:10 Boys 100M
8:50 Girls 1600
9:00 Boys 1600

*NTN Distance Individual event (boys 1500, girls 1500, boys 5000 and girls 3000) times will be released when the final USATF Junior schedule comes out.
*Schedule subject to change.