Dee Dee Trotter Tells it Like It Is: Test Me, I'm Clean!

Dee Dee Trotter didn't always want to run track. Initially she dreamed of playing women's professional basketball, but her lightning fast speed was honed into an NCAA Champ under the tutelege of Caryl Smith Gilbert at the University of Tennessee. She eventually, of course, fell in love with track & field and it has lead her to national and world championships, a professional contract, and an Olympic gold medal as part of the 2004 4x400 Team USA.

Since then she has struggled with injuries and heroically overcome obsticles, but off the track she's had an amazing impact through her foundation "Test Me I'm Clean" whose mission is to stamp out the epidemic of performance enhancing drugs. She encourages athletes to embrace the motto, wear the armband or shirt, and live it out by proving they don't need any help to excel. In this interview, she hilariously calls out the cheaters who she has smoked on the track saying that if she is beating them and she is clean... "they better get some better drugs." Her passion is to reach out to the youth and change this tide and tell them they can do this and do it legit.

Her personallity shows through and she is quite funny. I hope you enjoy the two part interview. She shows us the gold medal at the end!

Part 1: Who is D-Trott?


Part 2: Test Me, I'm Clean!


"False Start" Music Video, "Behind The Music" Spoof with D-Trott

From Dee Dee's YouTube account. She references this video in the interview above.


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