MileSplit XC Super 50 Individuals (3rd release)

By Aaron Rich and Margot Kelly


Girls Rankings


Julie Macedo (DE) blasted a 17:26 5k in PA to run the 3rd best time on the Paul Short Invitational course to settle into the #1 spot.  Grace Tinkey (GA) goes to the number two spot while Molly Seidel (WI) retains the third spot.  Haley Pierce (DE) rockets up the rankings as she proves she is healthy with a win at the Great American XC Festival.  Other newcomers to the rankings include New Yorker Mary Cain at #18, Maria Hauger (MN) at #22 and Sarah Fakler (AZ) at #23.  Full updates on each athletes recent accomplishments are below.  Be sure to click on each athletes name to see times, articles, photos and interviews of each athlete if available.




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Current Rank Athlete Name State Weekly results

Julie Macedo


17:26 for #3 All-Time at the Paul Short Invitational, PA.


Grace Tinkey

GA Idle.
3 Molly Seidel WI Idle.

Carrie Verdon




5 Erin Finn MI Idle.
6 Camille Chapus CA 17:44 for 1st at the Sunny Hills Wayne Walker Invite in CA.
7 Wesley Frazier NC


17:41.30 to win the Great American college division


Haley Pierce



17:32.10 to win her debut race at the Great American Invitational.

9 Abbey Leonardi ME 18:16.55 for 1st on sloppy course at the Maine festival of champs.  

Amy-Eloise Neale


17:03.90 to win the 3 mile at the Sunfair Invite in WA.

11 Katie Knight WA

17:19.50 for 2nd at the Sunfair Invite in WA.


Maddie Meyers


17:40.10 for 1st at the Tomahawk Twilight Invite.


Kendra Weitz

WA 17:49.70 for 3rd at the Sunfair Invite in WA.
14 Jordyn Colter CO


15 Samantha Nightingale MO 17:15.70 to win the KC Metro Champs in MO. 
16 Jillian Fanning NY


17 Megan Lacy NJ

18:19.00 for win at the Shore Coaches Invite in NJ, the fastest time of the day.

18 Mary Cain NY Two impressive wins in a row - 18:14 at Warwick Valley and then 18:28.47 to win at the St. Anthony's Invite.
19 Karlie Garcia CA


20 Kelsey Margey NY 18:58.02 for the win at the St. Anthonys Invite in NY.
21 Angel Piccirillo PA

Stayed local to win the Pittsburgh Central Catholic Invite in 18:29.10.

22 Maria Hauger MN Ran a 13:35.10 4K at Applejack Invite and a 14:02.6 at Burnsville Invite.  Undefeated this season.
23 Sarah Fakler AZ Won the Desert Twilight Festival in 17:30.9 for 5K
24 Laura Leff NY Ran 17:14 to win the McQuaid Invitational.


Christie Rutledge NY


Watch list: Sophie Chase (VA); Caroline Kellner (NJ); Heather Martin (NY); Emily Nist (ID); Catarina Rocha (MA); Sara Sargent (PA); Brooke Wolfe (IL); Anna Maxwell (CA); Amy Weissenbach (CA); Clare Carrol (CA); Caroline Hardin (MT); Sarah Baxter (CA); Samantha Nadel (NY); Erin Hooker CO); Hannah Meier (MI);  Rolonda Jumbo (AZ); Allie Ostrander (AK); Shelby Davidson (FL); Rebecca Mehra (CA); Emma Abrahamson (CA); Kelly Lawson (CA).



Boys Rankings


The US#1 slot has been solidified by Edward Cheserek (St. Benedict's Prep, NJ) as he recorded yet another course record on a sloppy Holmdel course in NJ at the Shore Coaches Invite with a 14:53 clocking.  The old record was 14:56 by Joe Rosa.  Futsum Zeinasellassie (IN) continues at US#2, while Anthony Armstrong (WA) and Andrew Gardner (WA) move up with impressive showings in WA as Jacob Burcham (WV) falls to #7 after a loss despite running 15:00.22!!  Daniel Moore (FL) rockets up to US#12 from unknown after defeating Burcham and setting a course record at Great American with a time of 14:57.61.  Also moving into the rankings after a duel in the desert were Bernie Montoya (AZ), 15:02.6 and Nick Hartle (NV), 15:10.8.  Full updates on each athletes recent accomplishments are below.  Be sure to click on each athletes name to see times, articles, photos and interviews of each athlete if available.




 Click on an athlete's name for detailed stats


Current Rank Athlete Name State Weekly results
1 Edward Cheserek NJ

Set his second course record in as many weeks with a stellar 14:53 clocking for 1st at the Shore Coaches Invitational in NJ.

2 Futsum Zeinasellassie IN

15:17.70 to win the Marion County Champs for the 3rd straight year.

3 Tony Smoragiewicz SD Has not opened his 2011 season yet.

Anthony Armstrong


15:07.70 for 1st at the Sunfair Invitational.


Andrew Gardner



15:09 for 2nd at the Sunfair Invitational.

6 Darren Fahy CA Idle
7 Jacob Burcham WV

15:00.22 in a great run at the Great American Invitational for 2nd.

8 Daniel Vertiz TX

15:00.4 for 1st at the McNeil Invitational.

9 Thomas Graham NC

15:26.22 for 1st at the Hagan Stone Classic.

10 Jake Leingang ND Idle
11 Brock Baker TN

15:09.19 for 1st at the Jesse Owens Invitational.

12 Daniel Moore FL Won the Great American Invitational with a stellar 14:57.61 for a course record.
13 Dallin Farnsworth ID

15:47.55 for 1st at the Madison Invite.

14 CJ Albertson CA

14:17 win for 3 miles at the Mt. Whitney Invite.


Nathan Weitz



14:33.68 for the win at the Sundodger Invite.


Dustin Wilson


15:46 for 1st at the Paul Short Invitational in PA.


Jacob Morgan


15:30 for 1st at the Seaman Invite.

18 Luis Luna CA

14:44.16 for the win over 3 miles at the Scott Bauhs Invite.

19 Danny Carney CO


20 Mike Marsella RI Idle
21 Luke Brahm IN 2nd at the Marion County Championships in 15:36.00.
22 Bernie Montoya AZ Blasted a 15:02.6 to win the Desert Twilight Invite.
23 Sean McGorty VA

15:28 for 1st at the Glory Days Grill Invite.

24 Nick Hartle NV 2nd at the Desert Twilight Invite in 15:10.8.
25 Jason Crist IN 3rd at the Marion County Championships in 15:38.60.


Watch list: Tim Ball (NJ); Michael Clevenger (IL); Christian Delgado (NY); Jonah Diaz (CA); Kevin Durham (CA); Silvester Harrison (TX); Christopher Kelsey (IN); Daniel Martinez (CA); Nick Ryan (NY); Jacob Thomson (KY); Korey Krotzer (WA) Sergio Gonzalez (CA); Ahmed Bile (VA);  Sam Hibbs (PA); Zach Herriott (MO); Luke Brahm (IN); Carl Smith (IN); Kevin Hoyos (TX); Tseyahye Hiluf (OH); Elliot Clemente (FL); Clayton Young (UT)