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This is the latest in our 2011 series of Track Chat Interviews with the nation's top track & field athletes.

Photo by Margot Kelly  You pretty much soloed to a 4:50.50 mile at the adidas MOC, and qualified for the adidas Dream Mile. How are you feeling about your races and your fitness at this part of the season?

Alli Billmeyer:  Right now, I am feeling really excited about where I'm at this early in the season. Considering that the Meet of Champions was the first mile I competed in this year, I feel like I am in really good shape because there is a lot of training and speed work still to come.  What goals have you set for yourself for this spring?  How does running such a great time so early in the season fit into what you feel you can accomplish?

Alli Billmeyer:  My goals for this spring include breaking our San Diego section all-time record in the 1600 (4:42), going for the win at the California State Meet (which would mean a lot to me considering I was runner up last year), and reaching 2:07 in the 800 and 10:15 in 3200. I also hope to place well at the Jim Ryun Dream Mile in June, to make it truly a "dream mile" for me. Running the 4:50 mile this early gives me confidence that my goals are in reach because I am running faster times this year at this point, compared to last year at this time.  What type of workouts and training do you do to prepare for the mid-distance events?

Alli Billmeyer:  My coach has my teammates and I averaging 30-40 miles a week, running track workouts, tempo runs, long runs, and weekly duel meets; other training and injury prevention outside of practice includes weight training and swimming.  Do you have a favorite workout that stands out from the rest? What is the best you have done at this workout?

Alli Billmeyer:  I love doing 400 repeats on the track! I always feel really strong and in control when we do this workout. Coach Thorne had us do twelve 400 repeats a couple weeks ago. I started with 74s working down to 70s. I'm looking forward to the next time we do this workout!  What does the rest of your spring look like as far as competitions?

Alli Billmeyer:  Besides our upcoming DMR relay at Mt. Sac, the rest of April consists of racing mostly duel meets leading up to Leagues, CIF, and State. We have a couple local invites that im planning on competing in such as the UCSD Triton and Escondido invites. As far as after State, its the Dream Mile.  What has been your most memorable race to date in your high school career? Why does this one stand out?

Alli Billmeyer:  I would say my most memorable race was Freshman year at the State Meet in the 1600. Going into this race, I had barely broken the 5 minute barrier, surprisingly made it to finals, and had no expectations for myself. When the gun went off, I was in dead last, competitng in the field where Christine Babcock set the national high school record. With 300m to go, I kicked and got fourth place in a huge PR of 4:52. The joy and pride I felt standing up on the podium that day is a moment that will stay with me forever.  What do you like to do with your time when you aren't competing or practicing? Hobbies? Activities with friends?

Alli Billmeyer:  In my free time, I love going to the beach, whether it's surfing with friends, barbecuing with family or on the job as a jr. lifeguard instructor. And if eating was a hobby, it would definitly be at the top of my list!  What role models do you have in T&F? Why?

Alli Billmeyer:  My track role models include Prefontaine and Jim Ryun. When I was up in Oregon for the Nike Elite camp, we went to Bill Dillinger's house, Pre's former coach, where I got to see Pre's old trainig logs he wrote in. I got personal insight from Coach Dillinger about the legacy Pre left behind. I know he is a famous running icon to all runners, but that day made it all so real for me. I was in awe over his competitive drive and never-give-up philosophy. Last summer, I met Jim Ryun at the NY Dream Mile. His wisdom, knowledge, grace and character make him not only a great runner, but a remarkable person as well. These qualities really make me look up to him.  

Who do you look up to outside of T&F? Why?

Alli Billmeyer:  Outside of track, my role models would definitly be my parents. I look up to them because, I know this sounds cliche, I hope to be just like them when I am older. My Mom and Dad are amazing people who have taught me so many life lessons that have made me into who I am today. And I definitly owe my speed to my dad for chasing me around in freeze tag all those times when i was just a kid!  

What do you see yourself accomplishing by the end of your high school career?

Alli Billmeyer:  It's sad to think my highschool carreer is coming to an end, but ultimately I hope I will have accomplished more than just good times and finishes. Everyone knows running has its ups and downs; I hope I leave high school looking back on all that I have been through and be able to smile, knowing I did my best and gave it my all, no matter what the circumstances. That's all I can ask for.




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